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Vulcan Nomad Tank Installation Need Help

Help! I have searched the forums, service manual, Internet and cant find anything.

I have a year=2000, Vulcan Nomad 1500FI.  I removed tank and took pictures along the way to remember what I did.  I removed the intank fuel pump to clean it and clean out the tank again took pics along the way.

I reveresed the process and it seemed everything was ok but its not.  The rear end of the tank (faces toward seat) does not go down far enough to screw it into the frame, there is a large gap from the tank hole to the frame.  The front of the tank is resting properly on the rubber studs on the left and right side of the tank and aligns properly with the hole to screw down the fron of the tank.

But the rear end of the tank doesnt go back down enough into the frame (hence the gaps and cant screw it in...).  It seems like the fuel filter plate is hitting something inside the bike frame prohibiting it from going in properly.

I'm stumped.  Again, I feel very confident i reinstalled the fuel pump properly in the gas tank and everything should just go back into place but clearly it is not.

Any guidanc appreciated.  Will upload pics tomorrow for viewing.

Thank you





Did you accidentally swap the bolts?

no i have the correct bolt. The tank just wont seat properly back onto the frame its strange. My husband took the tank to kawasaki shop and everything looks good. The tech said it should just go back on. I get it but for whatever reason it aint happening and the gap between the frame and tank is too much. Not sure what else to do other than take it in. aarrgghh not a happy camper
Dampers are in the right place?


Really appreciate your feedback. This is the same info from the service manual and same screw size I took off. Wish i could add a pic to this thread but it doesn't allow it or I don't know how. Literally the gap is approx. 1 in from the rear end of the gas tank hole to the frame hole where the screw goes in. This is nuts.

Should be close although it's actually a Classic. See if you notice any differences. Reinstall would be the reverse.

Thanks again for your feedback. Damn thing wont sit properly no matter what. This is not rocket science. I think i accidentally expanded the tank when I blew compressed air into the inlets and so now it doesn't fit the same. Next step a sledgehammer!

If the tank sides expanded, the rear and/or front may have drawn in. Kind of like squeezing a balloon. It may be necessary to fabricate a longer tab. You would need to be cut the current tab just behind the hole and weld on the new one.
You can get matching touch up paint.

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