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vulcan oil pump

hey all! happy holidays.

i,ve got a 2000 vulcan 1500 classic fi with 11000 miles on it, and i,m trying to find out if its got the plastic oil pump drive gear, and if it it does, is there a steel upgrade? i,m wanting to take some long trips and i,ve heard stories of some very expensive repairs!!

any input is greatly appreciated.

Dave Colombo

St Louis MO  



Not able to ans. but I'm on another site thats strictly about Vulcans, its called KAWANOW.COM, try it you can probably get your ans. there

From 1987 through 1999, all Vulcan 1500 models, except the Drifter, were built with a plastic oil pump gear.  Several Vulcan 1500s have experienced failures of these plastic gears, causing varying degrees of damage to their engines. To date, Kawasaki has repaired every Vulcan, in the United States, that has experienced a failure of the oil pump gear, whether in or out of warranty.  Our international brethren have not faired as well as it seems Kawasaki has not been consistent in it's policy, country to country.  Failure rates have varied from model to model. Few failures have occurred on 1500A models, while the 1500 Classics have experienced a higher failure rate. It seems that Nomads are probably experiencing the highest failure rates. In total, the percentage of Vulcan 1500s experiencing the failures has been low, but, significant enough to cause serious concern among owners. Kawasaki Australia wasn’t interested.

JOG oil gear has worked for some but not in my case. Such is Life.

My NOMAD is currently under going a rebuild even though the motor it self hasn’t failed. The rebuild is necessary to change the oil gear.


POG After (back) missing 7 teethJudges Oil Gear Failed

I have a Vulcan 1500 Classic and need to know a location to reach to repair my bike. Something happened with the oil pump gear and not sure of the damage to the motor. I would really appreciate some help on this.

Has there been a recall on these bikes with the plastic gear? If so, how and who do I contact?

Hi Aaron.
Not all Vulcan 1500 models were affected by the POG.
Its best to do an Internet search to see if your model is affected.
Kawasaki did come to the party & help out with repair cost but not all. (Australia didn't).
This link is very useful.
This one too

Also this one but I believe this page may longer be available.

I hope this helps you out.

Aaron I have also sent you a PM

1999 vn1500 is supposed to be the last year they built engine with plastic gear ,mine let go I found a judge gear was hard to get ,installed it but had to make a .004 shim , working fine .

Good to hear Rob.
This model is getting hard to find now & may become a collectors bike in the future

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