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VZ800 Marauder 1999

Hi, had to log in another name with log in problems. Thanks for everybodies help. I have checked the neutral switch, fuses, connectors, everything on the bike works still but no power to the neutral light wires. Also will not start in neutral with the stand down. It must be something simple and hope you can help



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"Motorcycle manufacturers employ a neutral switch to supply information to the rider to inform them when neutral has been selected. With a gear lever that only moves up and down, neutral selection is not as obvious as when driving a car. The neutral switch also performs an important safety function when working along with the side-stand switch. If a gear is selected while the side-stand is down, the engine's ignition and fuelling are automatically cut.

This avoids the rider moving off with the side-stand down, which could cause the forward facing stand to dig into the road as the machine is leant over into a corner. The neutral switch is located into the gearbox and looks like a reversing light switch used on a car.

If the switch fails, this will result in failure of the neutral light to illuminate and the engine to continue to run when a gear is selected while the side-stand is down. There will be no voltage change in the oscilloscope waveform and the fault should be rectified as soon as possible as it has serious safety implications."
Pico Technology

The flasher relay and side stand relay are integrated There are both a neutral switch and a side stand neutral safety switch on your bike.
This is what you'll need along with a multi-meter.

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