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Web Bike World Product of the Year for 2014

Our first shipment of these should hit on Monday and I am pretty excited. This product is a little hard to explain but it has some pretty cool abilities. That is probably why webBikeWorld chose it as one of its 2014 Products of the year. The Neutrino Black Box by Arboreal Systems is a Smart Phone Controlled Power Delivery System. Basically instead of wiring every after market product you buy to the battery/ground/switch all you have to do is connect the positive and ground to this 2” x 3” x .9” box that is already connected to your battery and that is it! You then can control your accessory through your Apple or Android smart phone. You can rename your circuit to anything you want and no more trying to figure out where to mount your switches or controls. The coolest thing I think is that the Black Box also uses data such as: Speed, Time, Vehichle Voltage, Amperage PEr Circuit, Heading, Altitude, and Temperature. Currently just released for Android and soon to be released on Apple iOS is the ability to control switches based on current temperature. WHICH IS AWESOME!!!!! If you are running heated gear you can literally set Circuits to kick on at certain temperatures. So IF you have Heated grips, heated jacket, and heated Pants. You can have the grips automatically come on at 65 degrees, the jacket at 60, and the pants at 55. Or whatever temps you desire. Pretty cool stuff. Check out the Product dettail Page here for more details. I am thinking about getting one for my truck as well. Works awesome with aftermarket lighting.



Hmmm jury is out on this one

Clever I reckon I-m so happy

The first reviews are in on this Product and they are looking good!

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