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Weird exhaust sound/choke problems Help!!

I have a 2001 intruder 800 and I'm having 2 major problems with it. For one I usually have to always have the choke all the way open for it not to die at complete stops. The only time I can push in the choke is when I've been riding the bike for around a half an hour. My second problem is when I'm at a stop and I start to accelerate the bike takes a second to kick in and it sounds like only one exhaust is making noise before both start making noise and the bike accelerates like it should. I have no idea what could cause this please help!




Start with the easy stuff. First, check the air filter. Next, see if the spark plugs are fouled. Then, drain the gas tank and float bowls and refill with fresh gas. Inspect the choke cable operation. Make sure all these are taken care of then, if still having trouble it will help to narrow down the problem.

Run a little Sea-foam through the fuel system. Change the fuel filter if it has not been done in the past 5 years or so. Like Edwin says drain the fuel out of the float bowls they may just have a bit of water or ethenal crap inside.

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