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No Company Support. Sad News Indeed.

Robin, Mark and Hussle were laid off this morning. There has been no response from Competition Accessories.  I am shutting the contest down again.
This is not what I wanted. At this point, it seems we may need to go elseware. If so, I wish you all the best. Ride safe my friends. See you on facebook until we reform.



Yahooooo. Some one give Robin a big Kiss for me!!!!!

That sucks,, Hope they got a good severance check.

We could go on without a possibilty of winning a voucher, just for the fun and "honor" of winning a contest... Thanks for the time You did the contest so far Edwin! I would say, let's continue till the lights go off!

Why not Gert?

I couldn't get them to reset my email and password and so I was locked out for years. One day after missing the site for so long, I tried my passwords guesses...and one worked. I was back. We ought to prepare for the site closing down. We need someone to start a new forum somewhere and make a notice before it goes dark.

We have 2 face book pages that are active. A third sitting in reserve for if it goes dark, A google + page and Terry and I have been messing with diaspora. the problem I se with face book is that you get al kinds of garbage mixed in with what we are doing. On all of those pages I don't like having everything jumbled together. You cant just look at vids, pics or discusions. It's a lot of work keeping up with things you want to follow cause they get pushed down below stuff

Delphi forums has a good site. It costs $5 a month to set up and be administrator. It free to join and post for members. The forums have specific bikes already but they are set up for part dealers to sell you stuff. Administrators will kick or gag you if you act like you know something as they are acting to protect sellers rather than the biking community. It would be nice to have a General Motorcycles group were parts sellers are restricted to other specific bike forums and have a group of bikers of all kinds, like we have here. They have some limited picture posting but perhaps there's more option$ available. I'd set it up if I thought you guys would follow.

I got an email notification from CC today to advise that my Loyalty Miles are going to expire soon and as a loyal and valued customer I should do this that and the other to keep them active ... including using the points to buy some stuff.

Someone needs to tell the Bot that sent me the message that I am no longer a valued customer because I am a non-American, non-Canadian alien to whom they will not sell!!

 alien alien_dance.gif
The only resemblance I see is the lack of hair.... But then what do I know

He's got the moves!!

Yeah, Pete. Same here. Email....but....maybe. we can get the stuff sent to a PO box in the states and Phil can bring it back....?

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