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What to look for when purchasing

Seriously looking at a 1996 1400 intruder. What are common things that go bad on this bike? Should I be looking for any things to have been replaced or serviced?



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If the Battery is 4-5 years old get new. The tires air psi. Check the date code and see how old they are over 5 years buy NEW. It will save your life. Riding on old tires will kill you fast. Even if the tread looks good don't ride on them. Check the fuel tank for any rust or corrosion. It happens to everything that sets for years. Make sure that you change the brake fluid it gets old and black when setting Clutch if Hyd one. With minimum maintenance these bikes will last for over 100.000 miles. Get you self a service manual and find a site dedicated to the 1400 it will give way more specific information that you will be looking for. Ride the thing with a couple of guys that know how to ride, NOT Drive a bike .There is a big difference. I can't seem to fine any one to ride with. My rides are in the range of 600-1500 miles at a time. The worst thing you can do to a bike is let it set for weeks at a time.

Thanks, Scruffy! Great advice.

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