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What size battery is best

Hey everyone, just had bike towed home. Seems something came loose and contacted something else to the point of melting the lead negative battery terminal! 
1. Is the ytx 14 that's in bike now or ytx16 the better battery to use?




Bid D,I've always replace my battery with the same size. Not had a problem with doing that. But I don't run a lot of extras, lights, charger ports, ect. If you run a lot of that you might want to think about a bigger battery. Hope this was some help. Welcome to the site from Arkansas.

Width is the same. Capacity is 6 amps of current at a useable voltage continuously for 10 hours.
So measure to see if it would fit. My AGM is the same height but wider.

Capacity amp hours--- width---- height---- weight---- cold cranking amps

6----- 12 ---------------- 3 7/16 ------ 5 3/4------ 08.1------ 200 ------ YTX14-BS
6----- 14 ---------------- 3 7/16------ 6 3/8------ 10.3 ------ 230 ------ YTX16-BS

big one

Thank u

Just be careful if you over-size the battery, your side cover may not fit just right.

U R correct. I purchased ac16 BS-1 and had to notch top of box to make fit. The posts were different than the old ones.

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