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What's your view??

This is a rough replay of something i just heard on a motorcycle show on TV:

<< in this age of conformity, rules and regulations motorcycling and being a motorcyclist is the essence of freedom and individuality >>

What do you think ?



Point taken. Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a limited number of colors amoung all the cars on the highways. Boring! My Custom has ghost flames and my Classic has the Ghostrider. It's a whole lot better when you know that the journey is the destination.
Can't wait to cruise Westport, the Plaza and the Power and Light District this summer. I like the attention the sidecar gets. Even the Cops smile and give the biker wave.

It definitely gives me a sense of freedom and comfort. Yes there are rules and regulations. But rules and regulations are everywhere. If you really love motorcycling, you take the rules and regulations and enjoy freedom

Hummmm Perhaps. But I see people individualizing their cars, jeeps, horses' tack, jogging attire ect . I also see persons trying to mimic TV shows and other people on all these things and on their bikes also. So I can't really agree with the statement. Us malcontents will be so no matter what we are doing. Smiley-laughing

Ya motorcycling is only one way to express your freedom. I know for me it was chasing girls in high school and cars was my expression of freedom, no matter what her Dad said. Then it was Ski Doos, and then it was back to vintage cars. Then it was computers and the Internet, and gaming. But in each phase I was going through there were folks trying to dictate the boundaries that I could express my freedoms. I never liked it, but I understand that what I do to express my freedoms has impact on others in some way. If it's not the father, it's the moral majority. Or the environmentalists, or the boaters who hate Jet Ski's, or the IT guys at work checking on what I may be doing on the computers, or the legal system interfering with the Internet, or the folks trying to get me to junk a vintage car. What we need to remember is that while others are trying to set boundaries to our expressions of freedom is that we "must" know when we have the obligation to push back. But when we do, we need to be sure we aren't violating the freedoms of others. As far as individuality, yes we do. There are motorcycles out there that I think are stupid, or ordinary, or right on. We sink our ingenuity in them, and our time, money to get them the way we want them. Until we want something else.

It sure gives me a feeling of freedom when I'm riding my bike. To feel the wind, to smell the nature, to hear what's all around me... I also agree with Valerie, the bike isn't the only possibilty people "use" to express themselves. I see also cars very porsonalized and some people even use their clothes or whatever else to express themselves... For me my bike is not a way to express myself, it's just one of the best things ever happened to me when I bought my first bike, about four years ago because it gives me a great feeling of freedom and it was my bike what made I found this community and by finding that, it made me find new friends from all over the world... So, my bike is very special for me and I really like to spend time with my bike and to be able to make my rides! It sure gives me a feeling of freedom!!!

We are hardly "non-conformists". We all make them louder. Many many many are black. We wear similar clothing as we ride. We all claim to be individual as we copy one another. We are however, unique in our love and passion for the motorcycle life.

Copying another's creativity is the greatest form of flattery. When someone comes up with something that works and is awesome, it will be copied. But in all it isn't a complete copy, we always seem to have or add other items which make our bike a bit different. The fact that there are accessories made by companies limits what we look to add. If there wasn't anything out there we would have to be more resourceful. There always the money factor, where one bike has more money thrown at it while others have only the most economical adds. Then there's the culture factor, which makes one put on tassels and leather to mimic the Indian culture, or the cowboys. So it expresses the individuals ideas of what is awesome.

Great comments guys.
Simply put ....... For me, freedom is not being surrounded by a cage (car). I often call my bike the "Freedom Machine" and individuality is my own taste in what I add or change on my bike.

Well put Tezza. Short and sweet

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