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Where is RoadWolf???

Just wonder....





I asked Tezza the same question last weekend.

Last thing I know he's somewhere in USA..... I don't know where.....

Maybe riding On a dark desert highway, cool wind in his hair

Roadie is still with me here in Texas! If his behavior stays well he may go for a ride with me today to meet up with Nomad60! If things hold out I will get some photos of the Lil bugger!

Good to know he's still alive... Looking forward to see some pictures of that little fella...

His been found I thought he was lost for good.

No he is not lost but we parted ways today on a good ride! His new host will surely show him a good time! Will post pics soon!

I'm glad he's back on the track and I'm curious about those pics!

Oh yeah I have a few and Alex has more and will be on the travels and I'm sure some will be posted soon.

He is a little ferret!!!!!!!!!! Watch him with the women, He does horrendous things to them!! The scars on the back of his neck came when he tried to molest the head pet.

Greg, did he like the windmills? Thats the best part of going North West for me. Love to see those big things turnin

There so many of those big windmills out here im not to sure he was impressed and not sure if he saw any of the old style small ones! They are harder and harder to find anymore!

I loved them when I was up there. They fascinate me. What I can't figure is why are there not more of them in areas that get wind. Such as Oklahoma. For all the wind in eastern OK one would think that there would be thousands of them. They could light up the better part of the Midwest.

Glad he has been found!

I wonder how his liver is.

Great to hear that he is alive and not yet in rehab!

Rehab? The don't take lost causes.

This is the first I've heard of Road Wolf. Looks like quite the party animal, if you ask me!

Good chance he sold his liver for booze

Has Road Wolf been found?
What is Road Wolf going to for Christmas 2016?

Last I saw him he was with Animal and I haven't seen either of them for some time

Thanks Val
Maybe Road Wolf has led Animal up the garden path with his wild ways.

The little feret needs a good bullet. A good bullet is one that is firmly planted in its head.

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