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Where is Valerie?

Has anybody heard from Valerie S lately?



April 2nd was her Birthday. I just Facebooked Her a Happy.

Val recently commented on a Diaspora post that I put up. She must be busy.

Hi Guys, I'm still alive, just busy as hell. Got my other eye fixed. Cant ride for a couple weeks yet. Nice to be able to see decent. Havent been ridding much the weather this year has been weird. Looking forward to June it will be nice to see everyone that comes and then July, going to spend the 4th in Key West. Trying to get some paintings finished. I am in a show Mid June and they have to be in oil so gotta get them done now including building the frames. Been thinking of getting a AirHawk for my seat. Even with my Mustang my butt gets sore of late. Any suggestions there would be welcome. If I could just take the padding from my tummy and move it around back it would be good. LOL

Good on you Val. When I had my first cataract done I didn't realise how bad my eyesight was.
Hope you post some pics of your artworks when finished.
Raymond uses an Airhawk and swears by it.

So far the eye is good. Wish i had this doc for my last one. He messed it up so now I have floaters and reduced/intermittent foggy vision in it and there is nothing they can do to fix it. This eye is good and clear,

Glad to hear that about the AirHawk

Hey Valerie !! Great to hear from you. I had floaters as well. I started taking Krill oil tablets and the floaters disappeared. When I run out of the tablets and I go without for a week or so, the floaters return. Doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me! I use an Airhawk on long rides. Works ok but you have to be very careful about tweaking the air pressure in it until your bum cheeks blend in nicely. If the Airhawk is pumped up too much it don’t work so well and you may as well not use it.

Krill oil is on my list to buy tomorrow Thanks
I ordered one tonight we'll see how she does. I never had a problem till recently. I guess I'm turning into a cry baby.

It's just that we get softer in our old age. Especially around the bum area. Smiley-cry

Good to hear from you Val! I have an Airhawk that I have used on long rides. As Vardy says, you don't want to put too much air in 'em, but they do work well.

Good luck with your eye and your artwork!

Thanks Charlie. I cant wait to try it out

HI VAL.... It is good you didn't use the same doc.. Get healed up and go for a good long ride.

I plan on it Wayne. A run to the coast is on my list

That sounds like fun. If the weather ever gets back to normal it's cold still 49 f today. It should be 65+. Have a great spring and quit going to the doc's They always find something to do to you.

LOL No shit

YOU should know you being a nurse and all.. Kind of like going to the mechanic always something wrong..HE HE

Hurray for Krill oil. already see a difference.
So on this Airhawk thing. There's like no air in it but seems to make a difference. I took a short 150mi run to try and adjust it. I think its good. Honestly it seems like a shame to put it on over the Mustang which gave me no trouble till recently. I guess my butt changed, :(

Good to hear about the Krill oil Valerie !! Doesn’t work for everyone ... lucky you !!

It is not the getting softer in the 'Buns' - just age causes muscle deterioration and the Bones get closer to the surface ... Especially the Tail-Bone (Coccyx) like mine has ... AirHawk sounds like a good idea though ... Keep us informed as to the benefits if any, please ...
Cheers Val - Ride Safe ....
frostbite (Greg)

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