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Which Oil Relocation Kit for VSTAR1100 Jardine or Baron ?

Time has come for me to purchase one of the above oil relocation kits.Which is the better of the two Jardine or Baron kit from your experience and any hints that i should be aware of,ie size of oil lines,and replacement filters and any faults with either system.Help would be appreciated im over taking the pipes on and off.

Cheers Neil



I am surprised that 7hrs later not one bite on this, if I was running your scoot, I would do one oil change then buy the relocation kit, then toss my old filter through the engineers window, LOL. I am sure as many 1100 there are someone will chime in.

internet sux at home... I had Baron. that was good. but very often they supply flaw hoses (fittings actually) will be doing oil change on my old bike in a couple of months and plant to modify the fittings. Will either change hoses for better tightend ends or will use brake-hose-type fitting... will let you all know later

I had the Jardine on mine. Less expensive and the new replacement filters come in chrome or black. No problem with the install. Good quality chrome with Jardine. Good luck.


Pearl Black Cherry

Yes i thought there would have been more responses as this is a problem on VSTAR1100s thought that there would be plenty who have already done the change,anyway thanks for your replys so far

Cheers Neil


I'm ordering mine tomorrow. After my own homework I chose to go with Baron's. Two reasons (niether very substantial);

1st - Baron appears to me to be a cleaner looking design, though they are both similar. Barons does not include a big logo on the unit, that appeals to me. If someone wants their logo on my bike they can buy ad space. Also, I'd rather replace the filter than bang up a chrome cover.

2nd - Barons sells nice looking covers in several styles to fit over the ORK (case end) to clean up the area. I like that. A bare ORK is not a good looking thing on that case in my opinion. I just like the finished look. That said, the Baron cover may fit the Jardine unit just fine, but I'd hate to be wrong...

As far as a leaky fitting goes, I suppose with a mechanical connection that is always possible, no more so from one manufacturer to another. I would expect any of the makers to correct the problem right away. I've dealt with Barons before and was always impressed with their customer service. I haven't dealt with Jardine so I cannot comment on them.

So for me, I pick Barons. Based on little more than gut feeling. I would guess that both products have been out plenty long enough to get past flow complaints or any minor design defects. After all, an ORK is not an engineering wonder by any means, its a simple device to get fluid from A to B, not rocket science, I don't expect we'll go wrong either way...

OK so thats a wishy washy answer at best, but its the one I'm goin with!

Good luck with the project, post some photos, we all like those!


Well I just put a Baron on mine over Christmas. It was pretty easy to install. I have heard that you should have bigger lines just for cold startups but don't have any real facts about it. Baron says that they equal or exceed the manufacturers recomendation, so? You can get the T.O.R.K. cover that finishes the job up really nice. I like the fact that Baron comes preassembled so you don't have to worry about cross threading the lines and having leaks after. Just my 2 cents and I agree with jasx2

I noticed in your pics that on your bike you have a chrome star cover on the front frame right where the ORK mounts. Did that get in the way when you mounted the ORK?

I've thought about getting one but wondered if it would bonk into the filter unit once it was installed...

No it doesn't get in the way and actually It protects the filter from flying stuff from the road

I installed the Baron on my VSTAR about 6 months ago and after about 3,000 miles one of the oil line fittings started to drip after it was run and then sat. I contacted Baron about this problem and they sent me a new oil line free of charge. I have not had an issue since. You can get replacement filters in black or chrome. I just picked up a chrome K&N replacement filter at my local dealer. The part number for the k&N crome replacement filter is KN-303C

Thanks everyone exc replys and info.
Cheers Neil

I have had Jardine for almost a year now - no problem, works as stated, no leaks... Don't know anyone with Baron so can't make a comparison for you, but it fits really nicely and clean as!

Remembetr that the metal that used to be under the vanity plate will be a slightly different colour. I gave it a wipe with some Mr Sheen (furniture polish) after install and it came up like new!

Good luck with either - best thing you will ever buy!

Well after going to a website called and then reading about the affects on your heads and cams due to lack of oil supply at start up etc im now a little paranoid wether to install the ORK or not.If anyones interested on the reading its in the Knowledge Base section of that website under fitting a ORK.

Cheers Neil

Well I have read the same thing as you but someone has to explain to me how they figure that out when the oil lines that feed the heads are so small and are fed from the top of the crank case no where near the oil filter. And when they say you need over size lines or replace your lines with Phats oversize ones doesn't make sense unless you drill and tap the inlet and outlet on the divertor and oil filter to oversize. People with ORKs have disconnected at the head to see at cold starts if there was oil coming out and there was. They have even put oil pressure gauges to check and there was Oil intake at the headpressure. So I am just saying that I use synthetic Mobil1 V twin oil and change it every 5000km since it is so easy now. Someone has to explain to me exactly how Oil linesOil gaugethis is bad for the engine and not the dealers.

Good info Skeeter more debate the better.

I have the Barons kit installed by the dealer @ my last major service. no issues not leaks, since then I have done one oil change, easy as no problems. what skeeter says about increacing the size of the inlet is absoulutly correct, I can not see how lack of oil at start up could be an issue, the filter has moved further away but at the same time the bike now holds about an extra 400ml of oil now. the baron ORK looks great and works well


I have Jardine on my V-Star 1100 and it works just fine. No leaks and very easy to change!

got the barons, second season the fitting started to leak (theads i think)teflon and  tightened them still leakes even through the -40 temp.  i cut the oem cover to fit back over looks stock.  really it's up to you they all do the same job. filters are no problem kn303  same as honda and other makes, no shortage of availability there.

I have installed and have ridden with both units, and have done secondary oil changes on each. I must say that from a "how did the oil look" standpoint, they both looked and acted the same. 

This could be a pure "Branding exercise" as the filter is going to filter and that is the bottom line. Where it is located maketh no difference. 

What are the features and benefits of the Jardine Oil Filter Relocation Kit or theBarons Oil Filter Relocation Kit

  • At Home = Way easier and way quicker
  • At the Shop = 1/4 the oil change Labor Time ($95 per hour is average!) 
  • No exhaust removal needed
  • No exhaust gaskets needed ($7 each)
  • Increased filter choices (K&N to inexpensive Paper) 

Any Oil Filter Relocation Kit for the V-star 1100 or 650 is a Win Win!  

I tried yamaha Jardine Oil Filter and works kinda well for me. It's almost compatible.
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where can i tap a oil pressure gauge onto a 2000 650 v star

I have a Barons and the lines have been leaking. I ordered lines for the Jardine unit but the lines are smaller ID but both are 1/8" pipe OD, so they will directly fit. Has anyone had a problem with the smaller oil flow. A larger line CAN flow more oil and the fittings are a larger ID but again they are 1/8" pipe OD. I am a little worried about reduced flow and doing damage. But then again, is the larger line that Barons used NEEDED? Anyone have any thoughts?

to LarryWyo goodday check out my posts on the subject, had the same problem on two bikes, I bought phat lines direct from phat performace parts, they use a hose clamps to connect and i have had no further leaks. best fix i have ever had.

I bought the lines already from Jardine and they are non refundable at $65. Just want to be sure it is worth the expense of buying them from Phat. Are the clamps nice looking and are they accessible once the pipes are reinstalled? Thanks for any help. It is better to spend more money and not burn the engine up. The engine is worth a $65 loss in throwing the Jardine lines away.

they look great otherwise i wouldn't buy them as you can tell by my bike

as for putting them on all i did was move the rear brake resivoir out of the way, turned the hose fittings into the motor side with "high heat permatex thread sealer", took the oil filter holder off and cleaned the threads put the other fittings in with sealer, reinstall leaving it loose a little to get the clamps and the hoses on, the hose clamps and chrome covers are one unit, just make sure the hoseclamp bolts are accessable (but you will never need to touch them again) and let the thread sealer dry as per instructions. , there is no need to remove the pipes to do this. and you can always sell the jardine lines. check out the links hope this helps and check with phat peformace to get the right lines.

Had a Baron ORK installed on bike and noticed a slight oil drip under bike after about 18 month. The swivel connector on one of the hoses by the engine had developed a crack.
The hoses are all in perfect condition and all I needed was a end connector.
I have emailed Baron twice at tech support and Customer service without any reply.
$90 for hoses every year is way Too much .

barons isn't very helpful, that's why i bought from phat performance, they have discounts on holidays if you sign up for their new letter, but with crapy canadian dollar it's gonna be expensive.

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hi eynstyn
just watched your youtube clip, great looking bike.
can you tell me what size, brand and where you got your risers?
they look awesome and would love a set the same on my 1100
Smiley-laughing Les

What filter can I use on a relocation kit, I just bought this bike and I do not know the brand name of the kit, current filter on the bike is #00106 bike master.

If the kit was for a V-Star 1100, then any filter that fits that bike is good. I had the Jardine, and all filters that is for a V-Star 1100 fit fine.

Have leak at fittings to filter lower is loose tightened but seems strange they would loosen ..
Anyone have had this problem. 17 mm fitting with lock but

Any advice

get phat lines from phat performance

Crazy question.... I have a 2007 Yamaha v star Silverado. I bought the baron oil filter relocation kit,I haven’t installed it yet mind you. I fitted it on and it appears the lines are too short because the rear brake reservoir is in the way. Has anyone come across this? Can I get longer limes or is this a screw up from baron. Thank Glenn.

i think you reservoir is in the wrong place

If I remember correctly, the lines go just in front of rear brake reservoir, and attaches to the bottom crossbar underneath the starter. Check YouTube, I'm sure there will be plenty of vids to show how to install. Good luck!

take the old cover witht he yamaha on it and with some mods ie dremel it will fit nice.

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