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White wall rear tire for 750 shadow spirit

Trying to find a white wall rear to fit my 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750cc but my stock specs are 160/80-15 and I only see the closest are 170/80-15. Will that fit?




Shinko makes a 170/80 x 15 white wall. I haven't found a 160. I am considering this. Watch the video.

I was looking at those W/W's. But will it be OK for my Shadow Spirit?

Someone has suggested tire paint but not sure I have the skills for it.

I found this site to be very handy.

Thanks so much for this information. Gives me even more confidence in getting the W/W 170/80-15 rears now.

Don't give up ....they told me they don't make white walls that would fit my 06' Honda Shadow Aero 750 and I found them online, gave the info to the dealer who were putting my tires on and he got them and put them on for me! Yay....but one hitch, the back tire has a fat white wall and the front has a thin white wall, but looks good! No complaints! Google, google with the tire size and white sidewalls, I believe that's how I found them.

Thank you. Got them on! New pic.

I have a 2005honda shadow vt the model where can I get white wall tyres to fit I've been back from USA can't get them anywhere if you know where I can get them please email me ok thanks a lot

Hi Helentyce welcome from Canberra Australia, just trying to determine where 'back from the US' is so that we can offer some suggestions?

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