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Who is close to Brisbane?

Hello Australia,
Nothing is SURE yet, but my company is looking at investigating business opportunities in Queensland, with offices in Brisbane. Not sure if any of you are in the area, but if you are, let me know. I’d look forward to meeting you. 




Sweet deal. Go to Australia on the company ticket

That would be Spratty (Spad562). He lives on the Gold Coast about an hour ride away.

i know a Harvey Brisbane

Sorry EYNSTYN, I've heard he's a real dick!

Yeah I agree with Dub ... Spratty's the man. There used to be others but they've fallen by the wayside over the years.

Len ... would you've flying in and out if Aus via Sydney ? If you are, that presents a whole bunch of opportunities to meet some members

Peter, I’m not sure just yet. This is completely preliminary, and we still have some due diligence t look after here before the decision to travel is made. Does anyone on here happen to know anyone who works in the Australian oil and gas drilling business?

Not I

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