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Who wants to help adding Rides/Rallies/Events?

Spring is coming as we all know. Time to add a feature to the site to list all those awesome rides, rallies and events.
I've started with some basic tools to add events and pages to browse and find events. There is even a feature to show that you are planning to attend an event.

Who wants to help build out this feature and add events to it?
You can click on motorcycle events to check it out and there is a link to add events as well. 

Thanks a bunch in advance for your help!




I'm going 200 meters to get the Sunday papers Uwe if you want to come....

Hey Uwe, I just added the Mount Gambier week end and it good except for one small thing

After the cost there is a line with up and another with down. Maybe this is another of those crazy iPad issues.
All which bike are you taking, was easier getting the car out Adrian. Stepson parked all over the front of the garage....
Must get Steve to list the Blue Mountains event on there.

Ahh the up down now shows as a thumbs up or down. But where does the post go when it is added? It didn't appear on the rallies and events

Hmmm.... just have to check. I just did the Blue Mountains one... Oh bugger. I think I put 2013....

Blue Mountains shows up Adrian.

Hi Adrian,
thanks for adding, it's showing up at
We'll eventually add an "Events" tab to the site but will wait until we have enough events in there and have completed the feature some more.
At that point we might remove the "Rides, Rallies, Events" topics from the Discussions area.

Yeah I found it Uwe, I was looking for it at the top but is was in chronological order, excellent work... Take the week end off and go for a ride.

Good ideas UWE

apart from the link here how do I find the events?

Thanks for adding a bunch of Aussie events, Dan.
I've added an Events tab to the site

Hey Uwe, Nice work on the events page. I like the feature on who is going as well. Makes it easy to organise getting a group to ride together to the events.

that's the idea behind it Smiley-wink

See beachy, Uwe's not just not a pretty face..... lol

What beachy said. You can even cancel and all will know. Great feature. I'll be using it.

GREAT idea !

Hi Uwe, I added one and I'll keep checking the motorcycle newspaper that I get and I'll post some more.

glad you like, keep 'em coming

we now have over 50 events added and we show events in the US, Australia, New Zeland and I added the first event for Germany.
Big thanks to everybody adding events, especially far254 (Dan) for adding all the Aussie events.

I'll soon add a "My Events" section on the profile pages that will show all the events that you are attending.
Please checkout the "filter by country" on the events page, it has been improved a bit.

I was thinking Uwe....
I would like to add our (Lucky57, LuckyLuke and I) "Micro CCC Rally in Sweden, but there is no Sweden in options....

What can I do? Or do you think it´s too small rally? Smiley-wink

Marek a rally is a rally no matter no matter what size it is Smiley-wink

Hi Marek, when you add an event in Sweden then you'll see your country show up in the list. Go for it! You might end up with 3,000 Smiley-wink

Ok, now I got it...
Thanks Uwe!!!

Added a couple for the United States, especially for the holiday season. Lots of folks could use the help... remind everyone to check out the events tab.

Went to the store for BEER ............( directions are available if needed ) .

Ken, have they stopped your free home delivery or are you just trying to get some exercise?

Uwe, can you get rid of the Chinese events (spam) on the "Events" tab? They're starting to multiply and it appears no one is reviewing what's getting posted.

Thanks, I'll check it out

I have tried several time to add an event or rally to the list but it never shows up... What am I doing incorrectly..

Are you clicking on the "add an event or rally"? this will set up all the forms to fill in then you can save it.

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