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Who wants to help test the new site

hi all,
we have been busy working on the new site. It will still look the same but we have optimized it for mobile devices.
Please comment below if you would like to help and I'll contact you with instructions and give you a credit card number and you can purchase unlimited number of parts ....

.... of course it will be a test credit card and we won't ship any of the test orders Smiley-wink




I'll try it out. Let me know what I need to know and do

No problem for me if I can be a little helpfull Uwe. Just let me know. (... and there are several badged beta testers, maybe you can give them a sign?!)

I'll give it a shot. But if your system goes haywire and I receive a bunch of stuff do I get to keep it?? LOL

Good question Valerie

Great thks Uwe, I don't want to test but am thrilled that this is in motion.

Hi Uwe, I'd test it from Canada

that's a shame to "play shop" at our age, but I can do that if it helps

Haha... Only when he wil not ask you to send any pictures Alec. I can remember and it's only a few months ago it didn't work from Ukraine to USA! LOL

I'm in Uwe.

thank you all. I just sent instructions on how to access and test the site.

Saw your PM... I'll play with it and let you know during the weekend....

I'm checking it out now. Will let you know something in a few days

Will get on it when I get home from work. I have 2 days off to play Smiley-laughing

I'm not checking it. I'm having my coffee and gonna throw a bike rock

make it two coffee Alec..... Black for me please! Smiley-wink

Too late, Gert! The motorcycle rock hit the ground and i went riding. Great sunny day that was ))))

Uwe, if you are still looking for victi....volunteers, I'm available.

I could just use my credit would be declined. Lol

dont have a device so NO

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