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Who wears riding specific jeans?

Just curious how many of you out there wear motorcycle specific riding jeans? I have been looking into offering some more options on the site. But they retail between $180 - $210 USD. They are made of a new material called Covec that is suppossed to have better wear, heat transfer, abrasion resistance than any competing "Technical Textile". They come in a bunch of different styles for men and women. 




I do, I have two pair of black- and also one pair of bleu Kevlar jeans. It are my favorites to wear during my rides in summer when the temperature is good enough. Early and end of season I've a leather jeans. To be honest, I didn't buy them at CC. Two reasons, the shippingcosts would make them too expensive comparing with buy them in Holland and I want to try how a jeans fit before I buy.

I've really good quality Kevlar jeans. The black colored I paid only € 49.- a jeans, at that time a special offer, normal price €169,=. The bleu was now priced € 99,=, normal price €189,=. Prices for Kevlar or other special biker jeans in Holland starts at about €99, = up to over €300,= depends on brand and production.

We do too and at AUD$200 it would be cheaper to get them here. One we use often is the Draggin jeans brand. I'm also looking at a local manufacturer who makes motorcycle gear and is renowned for their bike leathers. Once again the price is around AUD$200 so by the time you convert USD to AUD and add shipping it is too expensive for us.

Yes I only ever wear my Draggin jeans I got them for $250aud normally $299, I also have a leather textile combo, which matches the jacket and zips together.

Stock Standard Jeans for me

When it is chilly, flannel lined blue jeans, warmer it is standard blue jeans, then hot weather, light weight parachute pants or no pants at all. The thing that covers all of this is my Olympia textile pants with knee pads, hip pads, put pads in the back pockets. I believe in protecting the knees and hips on the intial impact, no protective jeans do that, they just help against road rash. Yes it make me not look quite as trim, but that is my opinion. Has saved my bacon twice. Those pads are there for a reason in my textile pants, same for my jacket. So do not stock jeans on my account.

I always wear my Bohn body Armour underneath the Draggins ..knee, hip, thigh, tail bone protection.

I only wear them 50% of the time I should get another pair of jeans the next time I am in Melbourne . I will go to the factory outlet for dragon jeans .

I own 2 pairs of Draggins. I am considering buying some Bohn armour pants to wear under kevlar types of jeans

I have two pairs , one pair of jeans and one camo pair . Both are Draggin and both very comfortable to wear all day .

Highly recommend the Bohn Armour Steve, it's feels strange now if I don't wear them.

Hey Spratty how about a pic with your Bohn Amour suit on ? LOL .

Careful what you wish for....

What kind of polite question would you hear more Spratty?

Stock standard jeans for me also.

Regular, everyday jeans for me. Do they come in really "fluffy" sizes?

I think they do Joyce !

I wear regular jeans and leather chaps but am looking for something with but armor

Just regular jeans for me also. I use to bounce off the ground a lot back in the racing days but not much anymore. I have friends with all the stuff and when it gets HOT here 100-110 degs they take it all off any way. I know what road rash feels like but still I ride in comfort Jeans a shirt and gloves.

All right! Thanks!

Good old levi's for me.

I do wear Levis occasionally while riding ... but I understand and accept the risk. I have seen someone do a slider on coarse chip tarmac wearing regular jeans ... shredded the jeans and his right glute in a nano-second. I prefer to wear my Draggin Jeans but they are on the heavy/hot side for summer riding .... even they will last no more than 4 seconds in a full on slide.

Regular Levi's, with leather chaps if it's not too warm. Once it gets hot, just the jeans.

Carhartt dungaree work pants with triple stitched seams and double lined thigh and knees.

lol what are you waiting for

I don't have any because of the extreme cost of them. I do want a couple of pairs though.

Like many I have Draggin Jeans, they have Kevlar protection. I'm also interested in GoGo Gear in the USA who have released a new product, Kevlar leggings to wear alone or under regular jeans.

I would like to try a couple of pairs of "riding jeans " to see what the hype is all about..

I actually did purchase one of those riding shirts with the Kevlar or whatever.. usually im wearing jeans and if its under 50F I have under armor thermals underneath the jeans to keep the cold out during the highway

I have a pair of over pants with knee pads and etc. but if you're going to have some rider jeans for sale Id be interested. Pm me if that's the case

I have two pair's of Draggin Jean's & would'nt be with out them, Got one pair given to me & got the other pair Direct as a second's (Slightly Marked) For $99 Bargain I-m so happy

I wear Draggin jeans as well, both on and off the bike. Sorry to be the negative Nancy here, but at the end of the day kevlar jeans might reduce abrasion by a smidge but you will still be in a world of hurt if you have an off. IMO kevlar loses it's effectiveness at anything above around town speed. Full race leathers might save your hide, but its all a big game of probability and compromise. Full race leathers aren't practical for every day riding, but I have no disillusions about what may happen if I put it down (in kevlar).

You could be right there Rowan" I think draggin have a video of someone wearing the jeans being dragged behind a bike
That is great if you intend being dragged behind a bike. It won't stop you breaking bones but then any protection is better than none

No manufacturer of Kevlar lined jeans makes the slightest claim that their jeans will do anything other than MINIMISE, not PREVENT abrasion in a slide.

In a serious 'off' bones will be broken regardless of what you are wearing. Ironically though severe skin abrasion is often more difficult to heal than broken bones. And with abrasion there is always the risk of secondary infection and endless skin grafts.

The drag thing that draggin does Beachy is such an isolated case as well, how often does one tumble down the road and only have ones rear end on the tarmac?

I can tell you first hand that skin abraisive from a slide is bloody painful. It is even more painful when the nurse has to use a scrubbing brush to remove the road from the wound and can't use any anastetic. The old saying, an ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure

The first Video of the drag was done by the Owner of Draggin's, As he is a biker & said if he could'nt do it then what did that prove about his product !!!!!So he did it!!!

No doubt it is painful and a pain to heal, but the test drag so far from the truth in what would happen if you took a tumble that though kevlar may be good at reducing abrasive injuries there is no guarantee that you are going to land/ slide on an area covered with kevlar.

Kevlar is safer as a regular jeans, but still not as safe as leather jeans, talking about sliding the ground. The best protection is to use the knee and other protections.... but I've to be honest, I don't wear them in my leather trousers or Kevlar jeans. There are some reasons I don't wear them, it looks stupid and doesn't fit well and comfortable to me...... but I know I take a risk not wearing them....

To add to the gloms above, I rarely wear ordinary jeans anymore. Like someone above said, now I feel under-dressed if I'm not wearing my protective pants. Am still wearing a Polo product from Germany, lightweight with light armor in them. Many of the pants I see in stores in the South USA, look like they'd fit a guy doing a moon walk instead of riding a motorcycle. Also have leather pants however, no protective fitment. Always searching for a pant which has protection but does not make me look like I'm trying to get to the Men's Room with stiff legs. I guess form must follow function but most of the folks wearing protective pants (other than racing products) look bulky and silly.

Not sure about other manufacturers but Draggin Jeans now have the option of inserting armour into pockets to protect the knees .... and possibly hips.

Again, none of this prevents broken bones in an 'off'. They can only soften impact and minimise the effect of abrasion.

Yes, I have them Peter, it are a few soft foam bulbs. When I put them in my jeans, I look like a camel with the bumps on the wrong places, so I don't use them! Smiley-laughing

I'll need to post a pic of the Bohn body armor with and without under my Draggins, they are not that obvious at all, and as I said its knee, shin, thigh, hip and tale bone protection.

Incidently my 2nd cousin came off her bike and broke her tail bone, may not of broken if she had tail bone protection who knows but may have only brusied badly, just saying

Spratty you have it covered and is what I do if I want to look "cool" but still protected. The Bohn body armor doesn't show too much unless you are wearing skin tight hugging clothing. It has guards in areas even my Olympia Motosport jacket and pants don't have. Will need to get a pair of Draggins or Kevlar pants for when I go to Sturgis. I don't want to be laughed out of town with my bright Hi Viz jacket., but will have the Bohn body armor underneath my jeans and kevlar shirt for short rides around the town. Longer rides will go back to my vented jacket and pants. My current set up kept me scar free when Mother Nature wiped me out at 60 mph. Too bad no one could tell me how I tumbled or how far I slid. The guardian angels must have been working hard, as I still have the pants and the jacket was okay also (no tears), but lost the jacket when they cut it off in the ER. Maybe I was doing head spins instead as it was a different story on the helmet.

Gert, you are not supposed to put those foam pieces in the very front of your jeans, but think of the awesome protection for your family jewels and the admiring glances you will get from the ladies. Smiley-laughing

Dim, those Gogo kevlar leggings certainly look cheaper priced than our local Draggin kevlar pants.

I too only wear Draggin kevlar line jeans, but after visiting John Flynn here in Melb this week, and seeing him still trying to get over his leg injury from his m-cycle accident (when wife was killed) I am re-thinking again re some leg armour. Sure, no amount of armour would stop that sort of injury, but maybe I can mitigate some of the risk.

Thanks Steve! You're a great help and support! I'll think about it next time I wear them! Smiley-laughing

A real lady averts her eyes when a man emphasizes his member. She doesn't gawk at something that is not appropriate to be displayed in public.

Nicely said Joyce Smiley-laughing I'm sure the gentlemen appreciate your perspective on the advice as well. Tis good to be mindful we've ladies riding with us here!

I'll have to squeeze in a photo session of the bohn armor. It allows one to look fairly cool but still protected. I use it during the winter underneath my leather riding pants. They are warmer than my textile Olympia pants. If I used them in the summer, would definitely get Kevlar or draggin jeans.

Randy, I'm waiting to see that !

Turbo, I'm checking out the Draggin Jeans, quite interesting.


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