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I went into my Profile page to change the About me & Question's about me & it say's I don't have permission to change these WTH, It's say's I'm a progammer WRONG, & All the bike's I have owned is wrong as well???????????????????????



As there is no company support anymore, we have to do it with the possibilties still left Allen. I'm so sorry. I'm happy about the fact we're still able to use the site, post messages, pics and vids, meet and greet eachother.
Because of your question I tried to make some little changes in my profile and I could do it. I still could change some little things, not that I wanted, but because of your question I tried.... I don't know why it doesn't seem to work for you Allen?

We know your bike, because you posted lots of pics and please, keep posting them!!!

Allan, when I joined a little over a year ago, (when it was still CCC) it didn't give me the choice to fill out any of those question. As Gert; says now it's probably no tech support now

Allan ... little glitches are popping up every now and then ... a sign that the site is slowly unravelling. Have you tried logging out completely and logging back in a few minutes later?

LOL I'm sorry but my brain went to Atleast it didn't tell you you were a polatician.

Yep computer gremlins at work and sadly, we know longer have tech support here. We are just lucky we are here at all any more. Heaven forbid if I need to leave stuff on Facebook. I feel your pain Allen.

I just tried my profile and it works. You have to sign in again when you go to edit.
There is a box with questions and answers about yourself that you can edit.
Underneath is an example which is what you have seen as yours. ie. Programmer and that you own Honda's etc.

I've noticed a lot peoples profiles in the comments are less pick with weird vertical text through them...about a week ago, my user/bike pick wouldn't load or show up on the left (comments side) and 'messages & comments' tabs at the top were gone... I re-logged in and reloaded my pic and it worked. Being new to the site, I didn't realize that this is now user-on-your-own.

Gordo it is the lack of site maintenance, it is just free running with no one to fix the computer bugs that keep happening.

Nothing we can do about it, it is there.... till it’s over and nobody knows when that will be....

That sucks...we need a really good hacker to take over the maintenance!!

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