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Why are my posts on Google ????

I just googled my CC name Radbrandt and holy #*^&, There I am.... and posts.. Seems anything posted on here with my name  radbrandt is available for all to find on google..I might have to consider deleting alot of info that I assumed was private and just for this community... I guess nothing is private anymore when it is posted!



Google finds and indexes everything on the web. Be careful what you post.

Thanks..I did not expect this..Even if someone else posts a topic with my name in it, it is there..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would of thought we had some security,personal or otherwise on here! I would think a website could give some privacy settings to stop other search engines from aquiring personel info... ?

LOL, shocking at first, I did that a while back with two other forum names I have, NOTHING goes away once you type it on the web

Hi Brandt. Long time , no see. You are not alone, and I am pissed as well. Ever start to wonder if this wonderful web that can spread new ideas and information has been turned into a huge data collection service for weeding out dissidents?. I would never have joined a bikers  site, or any for that matter if I knew that it would be there for the whole world to see. Now every comment and pic has to be thought about very carefully before posting, and definitely no drunken late night typing any more. I thought facebook was the baddie in this regard, but apparently nothing is private anymore. CC, what about copyright laws? I didn't give permission  for my posts to be reproduced.

THAT'S WHY the Secret Service has a Suburban parked just opposite my driveway.
Now I get it...

The internet is a wonderful, except....once you hit the "send" button, it's like firing a gun.  The round has left the muzzle and there's no getting it back.  Just ask congressman Weiner!  Nothing is private.

Larthe, I though I was the only one with a SS vehicle parked across the strret from me!


Great job CaptainBob, you had to mention 'gun'. Now the ATF is watching us and has all our namesYell.

Hmmm - must be particular to you folk in the USA. I just Googled my name and only found references to my work activities - nothing that I could find in relation to CCC posts.  Clearly, we are not seen as subversives here in Aus and don't have to be monitored!!  LOL

same as you guys just looked and there it all is, not that i have anything to hide, but i just dont like the idea that i talk to you guys about things out of personal choice and the whole world can access it without having to use a password to view it. what is the point of passwords for us to come here in the first place. i for one will not be here any where near as much as i have been, i might just as well post direct to google and ask you all to look on there. TIM

Hell thats how we find most of the sites that we look for,

You type in  HOW DO I WIPE MY A#S and then you find 223,121,214,254,789,124 sites that had the sentence HOW DO I WIPE MY A#S.    I actually did this once to prove a point. ALOT of people spent some time on this subject

HEhehe, captainbob said Weiner!


I note the reference to the hapless Congressman Weiner. He's made it into the new Downunder as well. Could one of you good folk tell me how his surname is pronounced - is it "ween-er" or "wine-er"?? Tks

Lol..I looked on the first ten pages and you are right vardy, I couldnt find you! but now that I have used your name on this subject line, YOU WILL BE!! haha.. just messin.. but mabe.. It would seem the names are taken from the subject lines on posts and vides and blogs.. I am not a Weiner, so I dont want all my $^%# showing up! I can now see the reason for some of the crazy names on hear like jo4762x5 or others..just made that one up, but you know what I mean,,



vardy, IT IS JUST LIKE that rascal between your legs

After reading this I now notice a few more green men following me around , throwing thier arm up and hollering Zeig Heil mien Furur !!!!

Yes I can see that black van with the blacked out windows down the street!! what the &%$!! Just messin.. But the more I think about it the less I like IT. Really.. When the gym decided it would be better for the customers to scan there fingerprints on a scanner to get in rather than carry and show an ID to work out I thought it was conveinant.. NOW I SAY WTF did I do? About ready to erase myself from the web and go be a farmer.. Its almost time for the chips to be implanted..NOT.. But really, What are we becoming but an easy target for anyone who has the means too, to totally screw us.. just my 2 cents..


Thank you Mr. Vice President.

I have a keyhole satellite likewise on you at all times...

-Larthe Potus

Enlighten yourself... before it's too late

I just googled my name, and a lot of the old articles I wrote about NASCAR are still linked to me. I guess that  anything on the net is more or less permanent  

Thanks Copper - now I undestand why the good Congressman's problems are generating so much laughter ... I thought his name was pronounced "wine-er".   Bloody hilarious!!!!

Ya Vardy, brings his undie photo to a new level
as for you black van folks
Pipe bomb, suit case nukes,    just saying

Anything you post anywhere on the internet is up for grabs. I've signed petitions and found it listed publicly on Google. 

I've also posted a Blog right here on CC and had it 'BORROWED' without even asking for my permission, and published (with my pics and personal references) on another Aus motorcycling site without my knowledge! I found it BY ACCIDENT.

Since then, reality hit, anything I say here is public property, so don't say or share anything you wouldn't want the WWW (whole wide world) to know about!


to late

you all are so helpful..HAHA so someone create a worm that will only erase a certain word or name from the web.. Yea right... what I post from here on

Vardy....your work? C'mon now you're a public servant! They don't work....oh, you mean all those emails made at the tax payers expense to the USA to check on the status of your cafe racer? Yep...that's work. lol I'm ok with you spending my taxes for that. At least it's not a waste, it's for a good cause (keeping that failing US economy from becoming the new Mexico). Those pollies waste enough of our money. lol

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