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Why does it take so long to get Milk from the convenience store

I like to ride my motorcycle as often as possible because it is fun and gets great fuel mileage.  We have a convenience store just two blocks from our home, but everytime I go to get milk I always seem to ride clear a cross town to the convience store 15 miles away, and I seem to always take the long way to get there.  If I had just driven my gas guzzling truck two blocks, I'd of probably saved gas and time.  Why?



Joy is where you find it.

The milk is better across town, lol. Not to mention you enjoy riding

Or is it a case of "What was it exactly that I went out to get? Damn, I forgot the milk, I need to go again"

I know what you mean, the best way to spend some time...

Funny how that works. By car the Post Office is about 6 miles away. Bike its about 32 miles away. Must have something to do with platonic shift in the earth's crust.

Your not alone Drew. I do the same thing. I have a 7-11 1 block down the street. 5 min walk. I'll jump on the bike and ride 15 min out and back to the next town to get a Mountain Dew.

Same here. Maybe that is why I have ridden the Rebel 2000 miles in the last year and the truck only 700 miles or so. Wouldn't even drive the truck but I'm not as good as some as I still haven't mastered bringing home a sheet of plywood on the Rebel.

You need a GPS so you don't get lost. Smiley-wink

What's the fun if you don't get lost, Tezza? Lol

I don't know, Randy. I saw a bike with a surf rack at Venice beach.

Randy, With a sheet of plywood you would be airborne. Then you can fly home !

I saw the bloopers of Gert's umbrella brake video. I'll pass on the plywood and anything else that does not fit in the trunk.

... And I didn't even show it all Randy! LOL

So Gert, what happens in Holland, stays in Holland? Is that what you're saying? I believe that may be why if it doesn't fit in the Rebel trunk than the truck I take.

It don't have to be big for a fail. I bungee a 6 pack to a Honda Twinstar. Most of the cans never made it home.

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