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Why riders don't wave back

I have been riding the bike a bit lately, and I have noticed you guys not waving back at me.  Now I thought it was me or my bike.  But as I keep riding I have noticed some about you.  You don't wave back at me.  And I have thought why don't they wave back?  As I kept riding it finally dawned on me, they don't like the ride they are on....they want some other bike.  That was a revelation to me.  Here I thought it was me and my bike.  But you don't like what your riding on....   My god, it was an ipiphaney.  So if someone dosen't wave back they are in biker hell.   Just saying.....



Same here Drew. I wave, not many wave or nod back. The guys on sports bike could nod coz I know from riding mine, it's not always easy to let the bar go since you are leaning on your hands.
When I started riding some almost 50 years ago, the non riding public considered anyone on a bike to be a bad biker. If you broke down, probably the only ones to stop and help were riders. They understood the position. On the road we were all brothers., We acknowledged each other with a nod or a wave. . In town, there were the bad bikers, daily bikers etc. We all knew which group we fell into.
More recent years have seen many weekend riders on sports bikes who only want to get out and race each other. Not only new sports bike guys but late in life riders (a bit like Wild Hogs) who are relatively new to the scene don't really understand the fraternity. I nod or wave. Sports bikes, scooters, choppers, Honda, Harley. whatever. If they wave/nod back good for them. If they don't well, their loss.

Same here, I think about 70 till 80% wave back or give a sign but not all of them... no matter what bike they ride. I wave/nod and I cann't decide for others what to do...

I notice a higher percentage of nods and waves beyond city limits, it must be something about the open road. As you said Al, you're not quite sure what fraternity a rider belongs to in the city but beyond the city limits there is definitely a bigger rider's brotherhood.

I often nod if I don't want to take my hand off the bars, but I always try to acknowledge other riders.

I often nod....the speed I ride at makes me sleepy.........

I wave. You maybe on to something there Drew

I give a nod and 75% of riders nod back.

Tezza...are those stats passed as correct by the Australian Bureau of Statistics? Lol

Can you count aussie salutes!!!

Yes Al, including the 1% tolerance.

I nod to everyone ... most nod back , some don't . Sport bike riders don't have time ... go past too fast. Metric cruisers won't wave back if I'm riding my Harley. Harley riders won't wave back until they are certain I'm riding a Harley. Adventure bike riders are the most enthusiastic. C'est la vie.

I thought your nod was just some sort of medical condition. Kinda like a "Yes Minister" nod.

I answered by producing and adding a little vid...

I'm cured now Al ... been 16 months !

Bloody hell! Time flies doesn't it? Just over 9 years for me. This retirement is a tough gig. No holidays,no sickies, no time off for anything. On the job 24/7!

Al, wish I had your problem, lol

Allen, the grass isn't always greener.

I agree.... But not in my case, because I don't have any grass!!! Smiley-wink

Gert....George Baker Selection.....lookin' back on the track, for a little green

LOL.... OMG George Baker Selection.... That's not the best one from Holland!!!! LOL

when you are driving in a vehicle do you wave at every vehicle that passes you?, or at the ones that are the same make or model as yours? if you are walking do you wave at other walkers?, just because you are on a bike doesn't mean i have to wave. o ya by the way i'm waving at you right now because you are on the same web site as me.

That's just the point, eynstyn. Bikers (now called "motorcycle enthusiasts") generally consider themselves part of a brotherhood. It's NOT the same as car drivers, joggers, bicyclists, etc. Obviouly I can't speak for all, but several of us feel more connection with other bikers, hence the wave, or recognition. I commute through Atlanta daily, & most riders here wave or nod, even on the highway, if it's safe to do so. Recently even the motorcycle cops all wave at me. Doesn't bother me a bit.

I agree and it's about the same here Alex, but if there are three policeman on bikes, it's always only the last one who waves... LOL
I wave, nod or use my foot, for example when I have to use my brakes (left) or when I overtake another biker at the highway (right). I always try to give some kind of a friendly signal and I think about 80% give some kind of a reply...

As it happens, in rural/Outback Australia , the local drivers always acknowledge other drivers , especially if the plates show the other person to be an 'out of towner'. It's usually nothing more than a couple of fingers raised off the steering wheel as they cruise past you but it's a common thing. Country folk are different to the self absorbed , rushing city folk.

Vardy, I suppose if I lived in the outback I wouldn't see too many riders. Where I live it is sunny and mild most of the year and there is a lot of folks with some extra money. So when I'm out riding the folks are middle class and all ages ride. So they're different bikes. I see alot of Harleys, which I was eying before I bought my bike. Harleys are great, but when I was looking the Great Ression was starting. I didn't think I would be able to accessorize a Harley the way I would want to. I am happy I bought the Vstar though, just because I don't have to deal with the costs of Harley accessories. My bike is paid for and while it has depresiated in value, not as much as the the sales tax would of been on a Harley. I wave to anyone, even scouters. And the kids love motorcyclists so I try to be nice, kind, and cool.

Fact of life Drew , some will wave and some won't.. The ones that don't are probably not worth knowing , the ones that do will have a beer with you at your local ......

Yeah, Vardy, in some places it's just nice to see another human around to wave to.....truckers, people on horses, cars, other bikes....the Asian tourists in the middle of Oz on their bicycles with only a tiny saddle bag with packs of dehydrated water...I shake my head in wonder about those guys.

If I had to wave or nod to all cars, mopets, paddlebikes and what else can you find on the street I would only be busy waving! It's hard to find a place where you can be on your own for more as a few seconds here!!! LOL

Lol. Get a little mechanical arm to do it for you.

Drove a Kombi for 10yrs and it was the obligatory wave to fellow Kombi drivers which still exsists today.

I acknowledge every biker that passes with a nod and as said about 80% return the favour.

Interesting just having returned from my trip down to Kangaroo Island myself and the other 2 riders I was with noticed how often the South Australian car drivers acknowledged us with a lift of the finger and no not the bird one.

Have to say the SA people are some of the most welcoming and friendly.

I blame the non waving on social media. I grew up in rural South Dakota where it was customary to wave at people while driving the cage. This being back in the 70's and 80's. Now when I'm back there the only wave you get is from a farmer on a tractor going down the road. Once in a while I don't wave at a biker because I was looking the other way and didn't see him passing until too late. I believe social media has created more self centeredness as it dilutes ones self sense trying to keep up with the rest of the world. Before it, people only had to react to their immediate surroundings. I blame the social media for the lack of interaction here on the site compared to what we had back when I first started.
-- I have a solution that I will post to get people to wave back at you, or at least look at you and maybe get an internal laugh for them.

I only wave on two way roads or at intersections. On a four lane highway I will wave as the pass me by, but never across the barrier or separation, there too far away. Again usually they wave, even sport bikes, although they lower their hand and stick out two fingers, which is actually make them look very cool. About 80% of the Harley's will wave. But again, those on lousy bikes will not.

Ahh the Kombi wave Spratty, I had one for a while in the early 80s and the wave was obligatory on road trips.

I wave to classic Mustang drivers ... when I'm on my Harley, Café or Norton , they all wave back ... when I'm on something less cool , they ignore me ... interesting !

Do you think they would wave at all if you weren't wearing a helmet, no matter what you were riding.....just saying....LOL!!!

Dub ... they'd probably look for the nearest exit road !! would cause an accident.


I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. Driving the rural roads EVERYBODY waved, it was just a friendly acknowledgement of your friends, neighbours and the rare stranger driving the dusty gravel roads. One of my first REAL jobs after I left the farm, was driving semi's in the oil patch. On the highway, it was very rare that other large transport drivers didn't wave; almost all did. Riding my various bikes over the years, there seems to be a greater number of bikers outside the city, who wave. But that makes sense. Riding in the city requires your full attention, since the cagers are often distracted. On the open road I wave at every biker

Here too most bikers wave back. Also Jeep Wrangler (real Jeeps) owners will wave to each other.

Most that have scooters. Known as 12 pointers because they lost there driving license and this is now there only mode of transportation. Will almost never wave.

A lot of sport bikers will wave or nod. The rest of them think there to cool.

If one doesn't wave back at me when I wave, I shrug it off and don't take it as a personal affront. Maybe he was looking down at his speedometer or something or has severe arthritis that limits his hand and arm movements (heaven forbid). I just try to be friendly and leave it as that. Same as walking on the street or hallways at work and meet a single person, I say hi.

Me too. I'm not going to lose sleep over it . They may have been sleeping too.

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