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Wilbers Shock installation and review

This is my review of recently installing an upgraded shock on my Yamaha 650 V Star:

It's informative on the before and after, with some measurements and technical details, but also written in a blog/story format. Hope you like it.

It started with a death wobble. At least that's what it felt like, I told Adam as we pulled in for fuel at Cann River. We'd come through some beautiful country riding from Canberra to Cooma, Bombala and now here. I felt I had to back off on a few sweeping bends and corners, as the bike was unstable with a side wobble felt through my bars, affecting my steering. Slowing down was the only way to get control back. It's the first time I've felt like I was riding to the bikes limits. Or more like the bike was holding me back.

He laughed at my exclamation, maybe it was my expression when I said it, pulling up next to the petrol pump, sliding my helmet off, "My bikes got a death wobble!!!" Despite his amusement at my dramatic statement he took me seriously, following me through the next section of our ride and quickly spotting the issue. Diagnosis: worn out rear shock. The rear felt - and appeared - very wallowy with every bump reverberating long after the initial impact.

You'll have to click the link to read the rest - but I promise it's not clickbait :) 




Great review Dim, can't beat the confidence you get when everything works the way it should, I'll certainly keep Wilbers in mind for the future.

No worries, I just thought it was something people might be interested in hearing about, the before and after.

Good job Dim. Glad you were able to fix it before something really bad happened

Thanks Val, I used a bit of creative licence in the description, I said "death wobble" once and we laughed about it. It wasn't exactly dangerous, the bike just didn't handle as good with speed, as soon as I backed off and rode calmer, it handled fine, but I couldn't push a little in the corners without feeling it. So yeah that's what that was about.

Good you got that fixed. Shocks are very important. I Also had to change my stock shock it made like yours a big difference it the stability of the Stratoliner.

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