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Well it's on again. Cliffy and Tezza's Wild Hogs Ride is set for 25th November 2012. Five to six days of adventure, sightseeing, camping and general fun in the central west of NSW. This year Trailor is joining us along with regulars AussieSteve and SaltBushBill.  So any of you NSW or interstate guys that want to rough it for a few days then come and join us.

Leaving on Sunday, we travel to Lithgow along Bells Line of Road then stopping at Gulgong for lunch and a tour of the museum. Then continue to Coolah to check out the Black Stump. Then proceed to Coonabaraban for two nights stay. (406 klm) Monday will be sightseeing the Warrumbungles and Siding Spring Observitory.

Tuesday we are off to Gilgandra, Dubbo, Parkes to see the Telescope then on to Forbes where we stay for the night. (310 klm)

Wednesday we go to West Wyalong, Temora to see the aircraft museum then on to Young for the night. (251 klm).

Thursday we head off to Cowra to see the Japanese POW memorial then Blayney for the last night. (138 klm).

Or  go straight through to home via Bathurst and Mt Panorama then through Lithgow and Katoomba. (320 klm).     

We are checking out caravan parks for overnight stays and Cliffy is doing a recon of the trip in a couple of weeks. So get your tent, sleeping bag and other stuff ready for a great ride. Cheers, Tezza



Shit!!!! It´s too freakin´ far for me mate!!!

I´ll be with you in spirit though...

We'll be thinking of you mate.

THX mate!

Sounds like a good trip mate.

tezza.... speak for yourself... I try not to think of the Bloodiot...sorry your highness... I'll send my stripes

Wayne and Al. Have you started packing your gear yet?

Ride safe and enjoy

Looking forward to it. This year I will not be the only person with a " Taj Mahal" tent.


Just make sure you bring the fine silver wear again.

Seeing as there are 3 tents the same, I'll make some names to put on them. Trailor might sleep walk. Smiley-wink

Tezza, can we lock Paul in his tent?

Sh#t Steve. That's a hard question. I suppose if we send him to bed with a latte full of pink marshmallows and a few nips of Scotch, it might knock him out for the night.

No Tezza if you wander into his tent before he does he will be knocked out for quite a while.

But Cliffy.... isn't tezza the one with gas? lol
Tezza... I could just come along and enjoy the comfort of the camper trailer. lol

Depends on how many tins of baked beans I eat. I'd be only too happy to fumigate the tents against mozzies etc.

.... and human habitation? lol

C'mon guys. I'm sure some of you would love to have a fews days off work to rough it and have a fun packed adventure.

Sure would Terry, but since starting this Virago and the amount of work ahead of me, I am realising that some people just should not be allowed near a bike let alone own one!!!! Have a ball fellas and don't forget the pics for the 'stuck at homes' LOL

Will do Crosby.

Thanks mate, talking about bikes and looking at the photos is keeping me sane at the moment LOL

I forgot to mention. Anyone who joins the ride gets a wild hogs patch.

Why? oh why? did you have to say that *sob*

There's another one next year.

We've just watched the Wild Hogs movie again last week - hell of funny. Wish I could join you

Uwe.... that's the reason I'm staying home.... tezza seems to attract the "happy"..."gay" Policeman. lol

We are actually that you are not coming Al. We would be a bit concerned about our tents and what you would do with plastic bags.

Thanks Cliffy.... I'll see you guys off....and stuff the plastic bags in between the frame and the muffler..... lol


How many days are you away for now? 3 nights only?

4 nights 5 days depending on whether we decide to stay an extra day somewhere.

Thanks tezza. I missed the Cowra stop when I looked quickly at the map.

Safe trip guy's

I wanna go..............will you be swinging by Knoxville , Tennessee by chance ?

if they come by your place Kenmode give me a call i will go. lol

Sorry Ken, won't have time. Smiley-wink

Going via Knoxville no, Swinging we'll let you know.

Swinging? There's only guys going...are you meeting up with the gay cop? lol

Yeh. Trailor is coming.

He denied he was gay when he kissed me goodnight..... lol

You Bitch!!

How can you say that? lol

We had better not start a bitch fight or they might send us to the restricted corner.

It's ok Cliffy....we know people. Smiley-wink

I'm glad you know people, nobody wants to know me. My Mum always used to say , You are a baaad boy Cliffy!!!!!

You guys are starting to worry me....
Do I need an extra strong zipper on my tent?

How does the ryhm go? If you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise!!!!!!!!!


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