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Will not shut off

This is my first posting here since I just joined.
I've looked a little bit but can't find any discussion on this issue.
Any advice to why my bike will not shut off.
Key was removed. Stayed running poorly.
The kill switch will not shut it off.
Replaced the battery already since that was the first suggestion I was given.
I had this problem at the end of last season and it solved the problem for the last month.
I have limited knowledge of bikes and am learning about them. So please talk slowly and ask what ever questions you might have.




Sounds like Dieseling.Need to check the plugs. If they are carbon black, you're running rich Find a place that sells non-ethanol gas. Drain your tank and run some good gas and Seafoam to try and clean out the carbs. The carbs may need adjusting. Also, check your air filter as to little air makes for a richer mixture.
Let us know if this helps. If you need more info, ask.
Welcome to the site.

It's worth a try thanks.

I'm having a starter hang up issue I've changed solenoid when I hit the starter button nothing but unhooking the starter makes it stop spinning. The positive is on the b and the starter is on the m. It's an aftermarket relay has anyone had this problem before or know the fix?

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