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windshield bags

I just bought a windshield bag and am not sure how to install, so I thought I'd ask before I waste time trying.  It came with no install directions.  I'll post a picture.



What brand is the bag? And what brand is your windshield? If they are both Memphis Shades, they should fit together very well

Yamaha does not use a three bole mount for the windshield. They use side mounts one on each side of the screen. I had to make a stainless bar that went across. Then bolted the bags to that. Just another step in modifying your bike.

you may have to custom fit it to the inside windshield, punching new hole to line up with the oem bolts.

Come on, use a little Ingenuity! Make it fit! With some things, you just have to "Improvise, Overcome, Adapt!" What? You all didn't watch Heartbreak Ridge?

When you mention Grenada, people think of a Ford.

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