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Windshield Help I have tire dilemma solved (I've decided on the Commander II)

I have a windshield question as that is my next upgrade 

I was looking at a National Switchblade Chopped with the quick release system as I don't want it on for local riding 

I was at the dealership this morning (where the bike is stored) to order the tires and got to measure the height - from the top of the headlight (following the angle of the forks) .... parrallel to my nose - so I'm looking over the shield, and not through it, is 18 inches

The National 2up is 18-20 inches and the Switchblade is 14.75 inches ... 

Can I get the right height with the Switchblace to18 inches by raising the shield 3.25 inches off the headlight? Will this work (especially with the release brackets) ? Has anyone ever experienced this?
Any suggestions would be helpful as I do not want to order a product (especially at this expense!) I'm not happy with 



Hi Edwin thanks for the site ...based on the info....
"Our SwitchBlade®, have their height measured from the top of the headlight cutout to the top edge along the surface angle of the shield. The top of the headlight cutout is typically 2-3 inches above the top of your headlight shell".
...if I'm at 18 inches to my nose and the shield is 14.75 ... if it's raised the 2-3 inches from light (where we measured from)... that would put me just about in line for a fit ...if my math is correct, that it

the more windshield gap between the headlight bucket and the light cutout could give you wind whistle.

If the gap is to large you will get a lot of buffeting. most the quick release brackets are one position only. I have two and once they are on they only way to raise the windscreen is drill new holes. There is't enough to raise more hat 1/4 1/2 in. The only other option is buy a taller windshield. This is what I had to do to get the height I wanted.

Thanks for the info Scruffy... so I guess 2-3 inches above the light would be way too much gap and would cause a buffeting I would never be able to get rid of... hmmm... once I get the bike back next weekend I should try a more accurate measurement...if I am that far off, I may have to go for a 2UP and cut it height seems like it might end up to be right in the high for chopped and too low for a 2UP...or try to see if there is another brand of quick release out there that works

Gordo if you get to tall a screen just cut it down to where you would like it. It is easy to cut them down to the height you want. Mine the two Stratoliners and the Indian have windshields. The 07 strat is right at my nose I can see just over it. The 15 Strat was only 6 in way too low. I bought a 14 in windshield it was to tall so I cut it down..I may have to cut the Indian screen down it is in my line of vision. I have to look through it or stretch to look over the top. I am not fond of looking through them. I never ride two up. That is not an issue for me. Good luck on your search..

isnt that what i said, you could always silicone a piece of plexi in to fill the gap. the oem vstar shield has maybe 1/4 gap no wind noise, also notched out the brackets on the windshield so i can take it off any time.

Hi Eynstyn ... yes it is ! Thanks for the feedback as well ... the plexi is a great idea if the gap is too big ! The notching out of the brackets is a great idea as I guess by notching - you just loosen off the bolts a bit and pull it off? kind of like a quasi-quick release?

Thanks Scruffy ... better to go too big than too small !

yes, i slotted the bottom hole at a downward angle and the top hole straight in. so it angles in than goes straight back when it goes on it is locked in,(the bolts can be loose and i can pull on the top of the shield and it wont come off) if you slot them straight in the wind pressure could push it off of the bolts. yes sure its not the fastest to take off but you have to let the bike warm up a bit so you have time, plus its a nice clean way to go with the oem windshield that fits right and tight around the bucket. I assume you have the chrome fork shields, i have never liked the way a quick release clamps mount on to them. wish i could upload pics but the fricken thing wont let me

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