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Winter Riding Gear

Hey all, I'm trying to determine what the best cold weather gear is. I want something fairly versatile, meaning good to ride in cold and wet weather. I'm looking for a good pair of boots, as well as good gloves with the best dexterity as possible. I mean to be on the road during all seasons, with the exception of icy/snow covered roads. Thanks, and I look forward to all responses.




Wish I could help, I am the picture of Dumb Jarhead (and proud of it) I have 6$ ski gloves and hardly ever wear my chaps, I ride at 30 deg ALOT, got a nice fleece helmet liner I wear, but no helmet. Been afraid if I wore heated gear, I would trail the plow 

anything with a 'Goretex' lining is great to keep you dry
forget about coppers headpet

I Wish I could help..leather is best but not for rain.. A rainproof touring type gear might be best,although I dont know what your style is...cooperguy is just a special case! I dont know how he does it.. 30 deg and he's riding.. I am originally a guy so when it's that cold, i stay somewhere warm...Must be his headpet?

Sadly, you won't find a "one size fits all"  That is to say, you can't get gear that does the lot.  If you have really good wet weather gear it probably won't breath and will be bloody hot and sticky when it warms up.  If you have gloves that are really warm in the cold, you will have sweaty hands when it warms up.  Boots are about all you can get that will cover all conditions.  Buy boots that are comfortable, without zips, and get a good water proofing cream.  Not one that seals the leather so it can't breath.  The leather needs to breath so that you don't rot them out from the inside.  Everything else you will need to buy for teh conditions at the time.


I have 4 jackets.  A really good fully water proof, a gortex with a removeable liner, a leather and a meshed summer lightweight.  4 pairs of gloves,  Thick Nordic warm, leather gauntlets with Kevlar knuckle guards, light weight summer leather and fingerless for really hot days.  4 helmets.  2 full face 1 modular and 1 open face for local riding only.  One pair of leather touring pants and a pair of water proof pants that match the winter water proof jacket.  If you can find good gear that can replace all that and be effective in all te weather conditions please let me know and ask if they have my size too please.  Good luck.  The reasearch is half the fun.

Yes, copperguy is unique.  According to his wife a little strange also but who am I to talk.  I have a head pet too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are a good lot! Hilarious. Thanks for the advice. I dont mind riding in the cold, I'm from Missouri, even though i'm not used to that kind of cold anymore(too much time in the desert) I'm a Proud Jarhead as well so our thick skulls prevent our brains from freezing as quickly I guess. -- Its ok to be different copperguy, lol

HMM thats close to the way my wife descibes me,,,,, Well maybe different words all together Smiley-laughing

And a good dose of green ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have to ride in sub-zero weather, and you want to look cool doing it then strap on a coleman propane floor heater right onto your windshield; then you can look all stylish like copperhead does with a sleeveless tee showin off all your ink an tats; an you'll be enjoyin warm 70 degree breezes while you ride.  Course you may have a safety issue with a gas heater so close to the GAS tank, but hey, if your bike blows up then you can collect all that insurance money to buy a new one, plus you can sue coleman for not having a sticker on the box that says "Not for use on motorcycles"........if you survive the blast you'll be a rich man;  BTW, if you do survive, and you do win the suit, dont forget I get 50% of the take for the creative idea (consultant fees).  Your welcome !

Courer, that sad thing is that someone will read that, think it's a great idea and go out and buy one!!!!  Sad really!!

Phil, that what Im hoping $$$

Coureur, That was great, I like it.. I didnt know we were going in that direction on this post, but since we are, what about a special set of curved exhausts to blow the engine heat back onto your arse..As long as its not to close to the saddle to melt the seat.. Although this could cause damage to your ability to see clearly if you inhale to many fumes!!


Thats why we need you, to keep us from going in these "directions".  I like the exhaust idea, I think I've seen some designed like that on OCC.!!!!  Maybe thats why they always fight on that show...too many fumes...seriously, Gloves, scarf, sweat shirt under leather jacket; long johns under jeans. full helmet; that should take you down to 20 degrees for about an hour....after that, let go the throttle or you may be frozen in the 50mph hand position...not good for the end of the ride.


Hey DB, dont do much riding ,if any ,in the snow..(I dont seem to have as much access to Vodka, as some do? LOL!).....BUT as far as riding in the rain, check out "FROGGS" rain riding gear, my choice for the BEST waterproof gear on the market, no sweating in them either! just my 2 cents!

Saw a news report some poor fella was burned over 3/4 of his body in a freak coleman burner explosion whilst riding his motorcycle, sad sad sad.. Just kidding

And I was just converting my lanturn into a heater, GEEEZZZZZZ

Under Armour base layer, flannell lined jeans, fleece jacket and thinsulate chaps and leather jacket, when it is raining camo gortex top and bottom.  Gloves they don't make any comfortable ones down to 30.


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