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hey guys new to the group and building bikes!ive got a 1990 yamaha virago 1100 that i just replaced the engine with a 1994 virago 1100. everything so far is lining up but i ran into an issue...the pickup coil i believe coming out of the left side of the engine on the 90 has 4 wire connection the 94 has only 2 wires  can i swap the coils from the 90 to the 94 so it will connect back to my existing wiring harness?

also im wanting to clean up the amount of wires on the bike to give it a cleaner look i eliminated the massive gauge cluster and going down to a single speedometer and gas gauge. any help on which wires i can get rid of and how to properly get rid of or can i just cut the wire?
thanks for any help in advance. learning as i go. hopefully not in over my head lol




The wires from the pick up coil go to the igniter. There in lies the problem. I would try to find a used 94 harness. You will need a good 94 model wiring diagram. Disconnect the wires at each end where they terminate and remove them. If you cut them there is that bare wire at the cut end which can cause problems to the extent of frying your bike.
A new harness if you can find one will be expensive and most places don't have any available.

Would it be better/easier to get a used 94 harness and hope the rest of my connections go together fine or just rewire the bike with what i need for the new setup? Or is there a way i can just make the 2 wires setup work?

Ok so calling around to local shops they referred for me to try and swap my 1990 stator to the 94 motor if it fits then it will work. If not then il need to figure out my wiring Does anybody know if these 2 stators are interchangeable and will fit before i tear it apart

The stators are the same but the pickups are way different.
Stator Assembly
1RM-81410-20-00 4PP-81410-00-00
Stator Assembly
1RM-81410-20-00 4PP-81410-00-00

I think you need this.
Very hard to come by as searching for just the 1100 won't bring it up.

Edwins im taking it the same part number is the same so it will work? Lol

Yes, as far as I can see. The difference is in the pick up coil. If you still have to 90 engine swap them out.

I do have it. It ran fine just had a crack in the crankcase. Hepr to replace then fix so i atleast have a part motor

Great! Let us know how it goes.

Will do thank you for your help!

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