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Wiring issue

Whenever I had my left turn signal everything works fine but when I head my right turn signal all the lights start blinking and flashing including the rear brake light and it blows the fuse has anyone ever ran into this? I can however put in a new fuse and that will work for about 20 minutes and then blow again I would appreciate any help I can get. Also I'm looking to baffle straight pipes I don't know what to get so if anyone has an idea or has pipes slip-ons available for a V-Star 1100 classic let me know


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You may have a very rare occurrence of a intermittent short. The flasher sends a very short current flow to the light bulb. It just may be quick enough to not blow the fuse immediately. Over a period of time things heat up and fuse blows.
See chapter 9, page 271.
Let us know what you find.

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