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Wiring problems

I shorted the battery leads fried the power supply fuse now even though replaced the fuse it will not start



Hi Rob - Sheeesh - how did you short out the battery leads ? .... Does anything work at all ? If you have replaced the Main Fuse - check the other fuses as well - but I am thinking that you might have fried the Ecu Computer Controller Unit Black Box Ecm Cdi - it may need testing and or replacing - Someone here might ba able to help - I am too far away to come and have a look for you .... - There will be others that will see your posting so don't give up - maybe a couple of hours or overnight but I'm sure that others will reply ...
Hope you get it sorted ...
Greg (frostbite).

If it will turn over but not fire, the CDI is on your VERY short list. My Honda had that issue when I bought her. It costs about 75 bucks for the Honda CB650C (1981) generic version CDI box, I don't know if the same box is on your bike though. Yours may even be cheaper. I got mine at, I think, and due to the bike's age, generic (and especially factory) parts are a little less than common for her, and probably due to inventory costs a bit higher in cost. On my bike, it was easy to short those leads, as the battery sat down in the frame and you had to be a bit careful in attaching and removing those short as hell leads or there were one or two CDI boxes that were going to need replaced (my Honda has two of them, and BOTH have to work for the bike to run; the engine will turn happily along, just not fire). Luckily, they simply unplug, and you can test them by checking on my bike (carefully) for ignition by pulling the spark plug wire (at the plug end) of a cylinder that is getting fire, and then swapping the boxes to see if it still gets fire. If it does not still get fire after the swap, it IS the CDI box for sure.

If it still gets fire, however, you have to swap coils, and repeat the process. One coil handles two cylinders, but be sure to test the wire at the plug end against the engine cooling fins when checking for spark. My money is on the CDI, pretty much every time, if you have this sort of issue. Really, you are probably just confirming it before shucking 75-100 bucks to the Motorcycle Gods...

What year and model ? If you smoked the igniter that piece is $900.00. I would check some things first. Does it turn over? If it turns over remove the spark plug wire from the plugs. You can use a old spark plug to install in the wire to check for spark. Ground the plug to the engine and hit the starter SW. Watch for spark to jump across the electrode of the plug. If nothing double check that you are getting 12 volts to the Igniter. This is located by the battery and starter solenoid. You should get a factory service manual this will show which wire set has the power source for it. It may have more than one 12 volt source. You need a good volt ohm meter not just a light tester. Don't go poking around until you find 12 volts. These computer driven units really don't like getting grounded out ,
sometime you can do more damage with a simple light tester than you think. the tester does not have to cost lots of $$ a Harbor freight one will work OK.

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