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Won't shift into 2nd gear

I bought this bike recently and it is an awesome machine.  I have had problems shifting into 2nd but thought that I needed to adjust the height of the shifter. 

Now, all of a sudden, it will not shift into 2nd at all...not even a click.  Any ideas?




Yes! Your shift linkages!
On the left (kickstand) side of the bike, from the shift lever back to the transmission area of the crankcase (behind the chrome cover which is easy to remove). There are a couple joints, ball and socket type, that need to be cleaned and greased during regular maintenance. I clean/grease mine every spring using some of the Moly "Paste" that is needed for the final drive splines.
Simply pull back the black rubber boots gently, then use WD-40 to clean out the ball joints, then push as much grease into the joints as you can using your fingers and rocking/moving the joints. Be sure to use latex/nitrile type gloves because Moly Paste will stain your skin for awile. Then, just slip the rubber boots/dust covers back in place and you should be good to go.

If that doesn't work, then there may be some issues with your clutch. On the VTX1300, the clutch is cable operated and may be too slack, not engaging the clutch properly so that you can shift. Potential that it's an adjustment issue.
How many miles are on the bike?
Also, who changed the oil last? With the wet clutch system of the VTX, the oil must not have any "friction reducing" additives. Look for something that states "meets JASO-MA requirements" or "JASO-MA certified" on the oil containers to be sure it is the right stuff for wet clutches.

IH take a look and you will see what Nate is talking about..

Needs a bit of service work maybe by the sounds of things ..
Shouldn't be much of an issue really - Maybe a Good kick in the guts ? ....
Greetings from Australia -
Ride Safe ...

Guru’s around every corner !!!!!

Way to go Nate

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