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Won't start

About 5 weeks ago I had parked my bike. Last weekend I had tried to start it to take it out and it wouldn't start. Every time I pushed the start button I would hear a click coming from the starter relay. I've replaced the battery and relay and still nothing. Any help would be welcomed



Use a jumper wire and apply 12 volts to the positive terminal on the starter and see if the starter spins over. If not, remove the starter from the bike and try again, If so, check the hot wire from the relay to the starter for continuity. If its open, then replace it. If the starter doesn't spin over when detached from the bike, it can be disassembled to check fot carbon build up. The starter can be cleaned, reassembled and retested. If it still doesn't spin, it needs replaced.
If none of this helped then the started drive has failed and needs replaced.

if you take the starter apart, make sure you put the spacers in the right place, i ifxed mine worked for about 5 spins than quit, replaced it with a nockoff, 4 years still works.

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