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How much you can say about Wrecking except boy I got some major road rash but at least the light came out in one piece broken mirror broken foot Peg bent handlebars but that was it me on the other hand have road rash thick road rash all the way down my left side and a lot of bruising but thank God I saved the motorcycle




Not good. I have been in a wreck or two and never have had any road rash. That is because my gear kept me protected. Couldn't say the same of the bike in the 2nd wreck. Insurance totaled it.

That stinks. Heal fast and take care

1. You lived yeah! 2. You made a mistake, you are punished to take a motorcycle safety class. 3. You will heal 4. Try to think safety while on your bike, let this experience keep you focused.

Sorry about the wreck. Get healed up.

I'm sorry you got hurt but I'm glad is wasn't worse.

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