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Yamaha Roadstar 1700 stock pipes bracket missing :(


I have Yamaha Roadstar 1700 05`. Recently I have downgraded from my V&H shorts exhaust to stock exhaust, due to the noise that in my opinion is quite unnecesseary and fuel consumtion is a joke. The exhaust that I got looks pretty good, with no marks scratches ect. The problem that I have is that I don`t have a proper bracket for it. The ad that I found an ad on Ebay where a guy is selling the bracket...but I`m not quite sure if that would fit or not. If anyone has a photo or knows how that bracket looks like, I would aprecciate it very much

All the best from Ireland!




Hi, yes I found that before, and I do have the part that no. 13 bolt runs through there that joins two pipes, but I don`t have the "arm" that connects that to a frame

OMG that`s it! Thank you sooo much mate!

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