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Yamaha v star 950 battery problem

hello I have a 2014 Yamaha 950 v star. I have been having problems with the battery not holding a charge if the bike sits for more then a day. I have LED lights on it and have unhook them already. I was wondering if this is a common problem and also how can I go about fixing the problem. Thanks in advance


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Start by doing or having done a load test on the battery. If it's bad replace it and let it sit like you said and see if it goes dead. Next clean the terminal connections and trace the ground cable to the end and clean that connection. With the ground strap disconnected you can use a test light connected from the cable end to ground. If the light comes on with the bike turned off you have a dead short in the wiring. You can find which circuit is bad by removing and replacing the fuses one at a time.Then, check and see if you're getting the right charging voltages. The charging voltage comes from the regulator/rectifier to the battery. Both the input and output voltages can be checked. The stator feeds voltage to the rectifier. If you find the output of a device good and the input to the next one bad you have a short or open in that section of wiring. You need a service manual to explain where and how test each unit and a multimeter

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