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'07 Yamaha xv1700 silverado cylinder sound difference

One cylinder has an evenly spaced (pop pop pop pop pop) the other cylinder has a low randomly spaced (boom ba ba boom) like a harley.. I'm thinking to check and replace the plugs and check the compression. Any thoughts of what could cause such a different sound from each exhaust pipe?



The plugs should tell you a lot about what's happening. Do the compression test and check the timing. If you don't have a mechanic's stethoscope, a long screwdriver with your ear to the end of handle and the tip touching various spot on the cylinders and heads should help pinpoint the noise. Keep us posted.

Thanks Edwins, this is not the first bike I've had that the cylinders acted so different. A good carb cleaning wouldn't hurt either! When you gonna sell me that '58 Chevy Pickup?

That pickup is enjoying itself in Checoka Oklahoma.

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