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Yellowing exhaust pipe on the left only

I just bought a 1995 Suzuki Intruder VS800 w 3700miles on it and after riding for a couple of days, I've noticed that only the left exhaust pipe is turning yellow on the first bent, and much darker on the conections to the muffler. 
In the meantime, the right exhaust pipe looks silver and shines just like a new.
Can someone help me, or does anyone have any clues as to whether this is normal, and how to fix it? Please, and thanks so much.




The carb for that side is running lean or the bike has been sitting at idle to long. If it was both pipes, I'd say it could be running hot.
The yellow will eventually turn blue. You can try some of the bluing removal polishes to clean it up but it's iffy. The only sure cure is to correct the cause and replace the pipe.

Could be as Edwin states but could also be the fact that the left pipe is routed very close to the other cylinder head. When stopped at idle in hot weather it could be a factor. My bike has had the carbs adjusted and sinc. But I still have some yellow/blue tint to the left side.

Thank you very much Edwins

Much thank to you as well BCruiser

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