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Yes I've been a stranger

First..... Happy Thanksgiving to all, Hope everyone has been well. I have a lot to be thankful for this year and some not so thankful for. But were here and well.... getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving day & dinner with my family. I miss my Mother terribly and thanks be to god that my daughter is doing so much better. My 2 Grandsons are growing so fast. I do have a pic I have to share with all of you. God bless and enjoy every second of life you can because time here is so very short..... again Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and mine!!! Luv ya's




Love to ya V xx

A Happy Thanksgiving to you as well . For us across the border in Canada , its a reg day for us . We're way ahead of you . We have our Thangsgiving Oct 10 .We get first pick of the birds LOL ) We have snow on the ground so today is 10 k on the ondoor track then 1 1/4 spin class  , my rhree times weekly ritual . ritual . Enjoy the turkey .

God Bless you and yours V.  Hope things just keep getting better and better.

Wow Carolyn, this is wierd, I was just thinking of you this morning and wondering where you've been and was going to send a message inquiring.  And I log on, you are!   One of us must be psychic!

Glad to know that you are okay.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Laughing

Glad your back and things are getting better for you............Great pic of your Grandson.... take care and be safe !

HI VSTAR,Hope all your soroes have come to an end,nothing but GOOD things from here on in,HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.........and we miss ya around here too

Yeah vstargrl, what the others have said, good to see you back on deck, enjoy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for being back !

Now you are back, stay back.  Good one you grl.

Just sitting here, trying to work off some of those extra lbs gained from all the turkey & stuffing. Am glad to see you and your family are doing better. Didn't know you have been gone awhile, maybe because Daycaremama and I haven't been on the site very much lately ourselves. I know how your feeling about missing your mom. I have lost both my parents and it seems around the holidays; the pain in the heart always seems a little stronger. Our family usually talk about all the good memories we had of them and the hurt usually subsides. Hope that you and your family enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Well, better go jump on the "scales" and see if any of this "finger pecking" has done any good.Wink

Chris, aka MadcowTongue out     

Good to see you here 'grl. Take care.

Hey, I thought I just kept missin' ya. Then again, I was. Happy Thanksgiving to you your's, and all the puppies. Be safe..........Cyrus

                  "TRAIN ROLL ON"

Great to hear from you now stick around. Have a great feast 

Right back at you V!!  Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Kiss


happy belated Thanksgiving 

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