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Zimmerman / Martin

I never met either but know their characters well.Martin was a hoodlum by definition prowling a neighborhood. Talking with a friend he
was an opprotunity criminal.;In a neighborhood not his own and without business. He raised his own bar sharing that their was a potential conflict..
Now he needed to check it out. ;Not flee for any problems.His profile supports his combative nature.

Zimmerman was indeed a want a be hero. ; One of the largest police training facilities in the nation trains 200-300 officers a year. They are screened by the best. They have the best intentions to be good cops. ; Every single class of 100 + will have off duty shooting incidents.
And occasionally they will in appropriately try to enforce the law.

Gun ownership. 2nd Ammend designed to protect citizens from own government. Trained policemen have accidents with guns. You can't
handle with out it happening.

Citizens and police trainees alike have a heightened sence of strength when armed. A false sence of protection. Throw in a need for strength and it ca result to using a weapon. Without a gun Zimmerman would not have engaged in up close surveillances. Report from afar.
The untrained bring a weapon for all engaged to use.It can be used against you.

So you have an unprepared and armed Zimmerman placing himself in a dangerous place. You have an aggressive youth out to prove that he
is a man. Put the two together. Martin the aggressor attacks an ill prepared man. Zimmerman had rehearsed this scenario a hundred times.
He thinks he can handle himself.;Even police call for back up.

Martin is going to show this honkey cracker who's boss. ;Then brag to friends.



I spent 12 years in Sanford and it's a bizarre place in my opinion. They arrested a reporter when he bought drugs (on camera) for a story he was doing. It was in the Police Depaetment parking lot. THey arrested the County Sheriff for smuggling drugs using the department's airplane. Some local law officer's were arrested for ripping off burgiary sites during their investigations after being called to the scene. One Dective tried to claim he was beaten by criminals after losing a fight with his girl friend.
What really happened? I don't think we'll ever know. I just know that I'm glad I left.

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