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Turning turn signals into running lights too on a V Star 1100
How do I turn my rear turn signals into running lights as well on my 2005 V Star?
by RhettSeibert   12 hours ago

There is a kit. I just can't remember name of it. I'll be back. There's several's one...
1 min ago
99 Intruder 1500
Help need help trying to diagnose a problem or two anyone know these bikes? I'd like to ask a...
by JerseyJim1962   14 hours ago

I would suggest to write your questions. There are a few on this site with lots of technical...
8 hours ago
Turn signal issues with my VSTAR 650 Classic
I ride a Yamaha Vstar 650 Classic. I  rode my bike back from North Carolina and my rear turn signal...
by dave1037   5 years ago

39 RhettSeibert On my 2005 V Star the tail lights works and turn signals work, but the running lights don't. Also...
13 hours ago
I have a 93 shadow 1100 I need a new motor what year will fit I was told that 87 to 97 will any of...
by MoonShine454   16 hours ago

Frame part number 50100-MAA-620ZA is the same for: 1987 VT1100C A - FRAME 1987 VT1100C AC...
14 hours ago
Head pipes
Need advice on what head pipes to buy that have 18 mm. 02 bungs to accommodate my power commander 5...
by DerrickTaylor   1 day ago

Bassani True Dual Header Pipes might be what you need. Call and...
17 hours ago
2017 Ride
Hey everyone. Wayne and I have been talking and next June 23 we are going to meet in a little town...
by vsnetzinger   2 months ago

Goodonya Cap ... you are a natural with the Aussie slang! LOL
19 hours ago
Hey all been awhile...
Gday guys... Its been i thought id drop in and say hi !! Ive been very busy at work......
by Folbz   5 days ago

Thanks Roadie....good to see you're still around mate !! Its a shame you never made a visit to me...
1 day ago
Engine won't turn over
96' intruder 800. Switch is on all the relays are good. The solenoid clicks but the starter won't...
by Steve72   6 days ago

Still more valuable and useful than you.
1 day ago
Same Victory news. For those who want to practice Dutch....
by GertNL   1 month ago

I still hope we can find you and bring you back on track visiting us....
1 day ago
More Chrome for the Chrome Addict
Just purchased the ,Kuryakyn Driveshaft Cover . now both sides match ,will send out pics. when i...
by tnatiger   2 weeks ago

None of those second hand blue ones though.
1 day ago