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Very sad situation....please share the link
3BWD - 3 Boys with Duchennes / 3 Boys with Dreams
by Folbz   2 days ago

Thats crazy... I hate genetic disorders.
2 min ago
Pain-free Methods Found in Transcribe Video To Text
For starters, Transcribe Video To Texts combined with mal ware tend to be so that prevalent online...
by Keesha   2 min ago

just got screwed
Bought helmet and received q r on helmet and wrong color. Called and was told to send back. Was...
by gregt   1 hour ago

Good work Robin.
5 min ago
Scraping noise on Virago xv 1100
I have just been out on bike and right out of the blue a scraping nise developed but I cannot tell...
by Colintosh   1 day ago

Thanks for the info guys, going to check the tensioner and the breaks, had a good look round to see...
39 min ago
Cleaning out the garage.
Cleaning out the garage and I have items from my Suzuki Boulevard C109RT for sale: All prices are...
by AussieRay   2 weeks ago

More expensive coming our way. Cost is around A$1.30 to buy Usd$1 Animal.
1 hour ago
Is the CC spam filter broken?
As the title the spam filter for posting broken? I come on here to escape the...
by steventomlin   1 week ago

Not sure that link is going to do anything Uwe, it shows a new menmber but also shows a CC link to...
2 hours ago
helmet type compatibility
what types of helmets will the unit fit on?   i.e.  fullface, modular/flit up, half, 3/4, etc.
by mochi1965   4 hours ago

They come with different mics so you can use it with a modular, 3/4 with the boom or a full face...
3 hours ago
New member Welcome
Hi:       I am new to cruisers as i have only owned sport bikes. But have to admit am really...
by Guszx14   2 days ago

Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site. We are all just a little bit to the left of plumb here so bear...
3 hours ago
Hi all
Hi all just a quick hi to all, I'm from the Isle of Man and hopefully you will all know where that...
by sicknote69   2 days ago

Welcome from Texas. Good to have you here.
3 hours ago
GPS for bike
Ok, I'm looking for a good GPS nav system for my bike. I've been looking at a TOMTOM Rider2. Does...
by strattlerock   1 week ago

I have the Garmin Nuvi. I like it. I usually write my route out on a paper and keep it on my tank...
3 hours ago