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I’m back!
After a run in with Nobby last week, I thought I‘d drop in and say gday. It’s only been 2-3years....
by chopsAU   1 hour ago

High fuel consumption
Hi my vstar 1300 is sucking the gas I'm only getting 8.8 miles per lt or 33 mpg (US). It has...
by KiwiBill   6 days ago

Sounds like a rich condition to me. Get yourself some o2 sensors and diagnostics will be easier...
2 hours ago
Have a Merry Christmas and here is my gift to you
You must have an unrestricted access to see your present.
by USDSUQ   6 days ago

Wow thanks Drew Merry Christmas ⛤
8 hours ago
new member
love to ride. longesr ride was 1400 miles ih seven days, camping along the way.
by Beals   1 day ago

Absolutely Randy. The more the merrier
11 hours ago
New Member
Been riding since I was a teen and that was a long time ago...I always feel free when I ride......
by bhawk   5 days ago

Welcome from the other side of the country, being Medford, OR. As Alex says, post some pics of...
11 hours ago
Luggage rack for 2008 Road star
Does anyone know of the part # for a luggage rack for a 2008 Road star 1700? Also looking for some...
by Bilzer   1 month ago

If you can 't find what you like make one. I did. I did two, one for the 2014 Stratoliner and one...
1 day ago
Vulcan 900 Seat
Looking for, in case the seat of my new to me bike doesn't work for me ( No meat in the seat or...
by Bildak   4 days ago

i put 1.5" memory foam in my other one i made, ill post the pics
1 day ago
Headlights - Why are they on ALL the time
yeah yeah yeah, I know headlights ON for safety and I won't argue that, but do I really need the...
by dudeaw   3 weeks ago

6 Bildak My 2004 Kawasaki ZG1000 headlight doesn't come on until after the bike starts. This is the way all...
1 day ago
Fuel Guage Resistors
        Does any one know watt size resistor i need to put on my Fuel Guage to make it read the...
by DE3PT   3 years ago

5 Bildak 220ohm is all it needs
1 day ago
I just returned from the Honda dealer and had a discusion with the mechanic about the best oil and...
by radbrandt   7 years ago

Just drain and change. I use synthetic in my 2014 Stratoliner and blend in the 2007. The 07 has 65...
2 days ago