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Chrome headlight bucket
Just bought my 2007 Shadow Spirit 750. Gonna do some detailing. Can anyone tell me if the chrome...
by N8RER   16 hours ago

2 N8RER Duh... Thanks..!
13 hours ago
Adding an oil pressure gauge
So my next project for my 2001 Intruder VL 1500  is to add a slew of gauges, including an oil...
by RedBirdBoy   1 day ago

The part numbers are for adapters and a gauge that might work for you. The tach, volt meter and...
15 hours ago
New guy 2015 v star 1300
Hey everyone new guy here... recently purchased 2015 vstar 1300 with only 3 miles on it at the...
by Fathead1975   1 day ago

Welcome Slick from down under Sydney Australia. I know how you feel adding things to the bike....
1 day ago
Hand control switches
I am building a bobber out of a 1993 vs800 intruder. I need some control s and cannot find any. Are...
by Tat2thomas   1 day ago

Okay, first find the part numbers. Then search the numbers to see which years and models used it....
1 day ago
Vulcan Nomad Tank Installation Need Help
Help! I have searched the forums, service manual, Internet and cant find anything. I have a year=...
by gemajams   3 weeks ago

If the tank sides expanded, the rear and/or front may have drawn in. Kind of like squeezing a...
1 day ago
Hello from Arizona, Just wanted to say "hello" to all the members on this forum and also to say...
by Captaineasy   6 days ago

Howdy Cap'n! Keg fridge is to the left, and the hot tub is out back. Make yourself at home.
3 days ago
Replacing passenger backrest pad
Hello fellow V-STAR riders! I am looking for a replacement passenger backrest pad. I've looked...
by CARLOS9   4 days ago

Back when I had my V-Star 1100 I went searching for a replacement passenger backrest pad and found...
3 days ago
having trouble with fuel
bike,starts, and runs great,for about 4 miles, then act like getting no fuel ,
by william24   1 month ago

4 louismcdaniel i have an 1100 virago that starts up fine, revs up nice and drives good as long as i dont goose it...
4 days ago
REPLACING front turn signal
My left, front turn signal got corroded when some rain got into the loose housing, where can I get...
by CARLOS9   7 months ago

3 CARLOS9 Thanks! I think this might be it.
4 days ago
Moto Guzzi Flying Fortress test ride
So the weekend of September 14th our local Moto Guzzi dealer had an open house where you could test...
by RedBirdBoy   3 weeks ago

I have a California Tourer 2017. It is very much the same frame engine and 6 speed. If you liked...
4 days ago