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Hi Guys  I am hoping that someone out there can help me my XVS1100 has recently started cutting out...
by janej   3 hours ago

2 janej Its a 2009 and the only modification that happened before this was a new set of passing lights...
2 hours ago
Hello From Texas
New to the Tribe Just  wanted to give a shout out to the good people of this comunity. Hope you all...
by TroyWest   8 hours ago

Welcome Troy form Aldinga beach South Australia enjoy fum and silliness like to see some Pics...
4 hours ago
First Ever National Star Ride
Hey gang,  Not sure if you heard about this or not, but Yamaha is holding a meet and ride on the...
by chopsAU   8 hours ago

What's on your Christmas wishlist?
Any motorcycle parts/accessories/gear? Or maybe even a new bike?
by uwe999   1 week ago

I think a vid might do it more justice Bill . A nice thought Dozer , makes my lights seem a bit...
8 hours ago
Sorry to be the bearer of this news I have just got of the phone with my brother- in- law who lives...
by Dubster   2 days ago

Shockingly sad. Always sad to lose anyone even worse to lose the "special ones".
8 hours ago
Can these be used as add-ons to signal lights , ( turn , brake )  ?
by JohnRoush   19 hours ago

you could do that as long as you use the right color, it may also pay to check your state laws with...
11 hours ago
Will this item fit in C50T Boulevard 2013?
Dear SirWill this item fit in C50T Boulevard 2013? Do you have the same for the rear fender? Thanks...
by hasamah   14 hours ago

running lights?
does this item include the connection for the factory running lights also?
by AnthonyBianca   14 hours ago

a tribute section for our fallen brothers and sisters
I would like to see a dedicated section of the site listing those who have gone before us.  Maybe...
by triumphin   1 day ago

Eternal Riders link in the clouds to the left, always there, never to be forgotten, knowing who has...
15 hours ago
Customer Service review
Thank you so much for this wonderful seat for my puppy to be able to ride with me. I know she will...
by SuzanneBuchanan   15 hours ago

2 SuzanneBuchanan Thank you so much for this wonderful seat for my puppy to be able to ride with me. I know she will...
15 hours ago