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Oil in airbox
I recently got my bike back from a guy that was working on it. I took it for a short ride and...
by Halley1   1 hour ago

Platform stands to pegs
Does anyone know if a 2003 V Star Customs pegs will work on my same year classic V-Star 650 of the...
by Sarahmarie   13 hours ago

I think that most things will interchange . The frame # is the same so the mounting hole will be...
2 hours ago
1998 1600 vs 2005 1700 valve clearances
Does anyone know how the valve clearances compare? I have an '05 1700 but a '98 1600 service manual...
by Mitchell3   1 day ago

Excellent, thank you this is a match to the 1600. I apologise if I am a pain. Could I trouble you...
3 hours ago
New Member
Good afternoon. I just joined a few minutes ago. I look forward to hearing from or meeting other...
by Case64   3 weeks ago

Welcome from Atlanta, & another Honda fan! Keep checking in so we know you're around! ......
10 hours ago
Hey, how is everyone? New member here, learning a lot from the boards and hoping to learn more! I...
by Nishi   2 days ago

Welcome from Atlanta, Georgia! Keep asking questions, post some pics of your ride, and have fun!...
10 hours ago
Corbin Saddlebags for Stratoliner
I am about to plunk some coins in the vending machine at corbin.  Does any strat owner here have...
by Strats   5 years ago

11 Phil12 Looking for some used Corbin Fleetliner bags Know anyone or anywhere I can look
1 day ago
wiring harness issue
i just bought a 1994 vs 800 intruder suzuki that has been butcher in wiring dept. need to know if...
by chickie   1 day ago

The harness has the same part # from 1994-2003. The Intruder turned into the Vlousia in 2005 when...
1 day ago
Farmer breaks neck riding a motorcycle
I would be in trouble if this happened to me ... nothing to hang on to!
by vardy   3 days ago

Same here Wayne.
1 day ago
Getting both cylinders balanced after porting
Here is a question for anyone who thinks they may have the answer. How do you balance both...
by Mitchell3   1 week ago

I consider myself mechanically inclined but entry level. I read over the manual, very informative,...
1 day ago
For sale
M109r seat cowl 175.oo not a blemish on it. Black cherry. Call jim 717 479 1682
by Jimmyj77   2 days ago