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Update on the Valk.
4.50pm today, I got a call from the insurance company........what will they say? YES, good news....
by als1953   1 hour ago

You are right Al. Better listen to the doctor, it takes the time it needs!!! Don't push it too hard...
22 min ago
Attention Canadian Members! Canadian Cruiser Customizing T-Shirts
Hello Canadian members, we need your help and feedback. Cruiser Customizing is getting some limited...
by bmoreno   3 days ago

Cruising Canucks!
1 hour ago
2014 Street Bob
I'm a little confused. Will this fit my 2014 Street Bob?
by ShaunGarcia   2 hours ago

defensive driving
hi all, i used to drive for the company i worked for,they would make us go to safety defensive...
by nickymetromagna   1 day ago

Great advice Nicky. I too drive with a rubber neck. I never let any one block me in even other...
4 hours ago
Have a question about oil collecting in air filter
For the last 2 years have beengetting oil in air filter and was wondering if anyone else has had...
by marvdman   5 days ago

7 graywolf55 All v star 1100s do this only fill oil 2/3 between marks tht take care of it better solution...
4 hours ago
Head light will not come on
I have a 2006 Boulavard, the head light will not come on. I have followed the wiring to were they...
by swysk   1 week ago

Have you recently dismantled the handlebar-mounted switch housing? If yes, have you checked that...
5 hours ago
will this fit my V-strom?
will this unit fit my 2005 Suzuki DL 650 V-strom?
by danjennings   5 hours ago

Pulstar plugs?
Anyone ever use them?  Or just your thoughts.
by colinbegg16   21 hours ago

wiil thes mini floorboards fit on the drivers foot pegs and do they fit on a 2012 suzuki m50
by fred110   3 days ago

Anytime! Stay safe
8 hours ago
Removing rear wheel 09 vstar 950
Hi from Texas.New to the Biker World Need help removing rear wheel off my bike
by Koole   8 hours ago

1 Koole Hello From Texas
8 hours ago