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This is the most physically demanding bike I have ever owned.
by Dixiedreg   1 hour ago

Im a newbie!
Greetings from northwest Ohio! Last June, at the ripe old age of 54, I bought my first bike. It...
by Labattman   4 hours ago

Welcome from Kansas City. Isn't it Cousin Eli? lol Post a pic of your bike and join in.
1 hour ago
Charging issues
I have a 2000 Yamaha vstar it's 1100cc. I have had 2 brand new batteries and a new rectifier. It'll...
by Loydfoster   20 hours ago

This is what I go by. It's a keeper.
1 hour ago
I’m back
well it’s been a long time since I’ve been on site.  It I heard bout a ride coming up on June 6-7...
by RichardW   1 week ago

Love this bike. I had a heritage soft sip but some clown didn’t know what a stop sign was. Came off...
3 hours ago
Customized to hypnotize
 Making bobber bob
by mizellauto   13 hours ago

Welcome from Kansas City. Check out the site. This years ride is in June on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
3 hours ago
power issue
Im having a wierd power issue with my air-cooled XVS1100 Classic. Essentially it's like it runs...
by Awetopsy   3 days ago

...balanced the carbs as well which made a difference
9 hours ago
2006 Suzuki M109 with 60000 kms that stalls going into 1st gear?
2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109 with 60000 kms that stalls going into 1st gear. I tightened the clutch...
by Fitmindandbody   1 week ago

Don't you love it - ??? It Sounds like the plates aren't separating properly - one of the HD's I...
13 hours ago
v star 1300 coolant help please
Do I really have to remove the fuel tank to add coolant?  I have looked everywhere and apparently...
by Confused   1 day ago

Read the comments posted by Beco2326 - there is relevant information there ok .. Cheers & Ride...
14 hours ago
Cooling situation
Hey all new member here! Just bought this vt1100. My old bike was down and out. So this bike I have...
by Beco2326   20 hours ago

Hi Beco2326 - The coolant level in the Radiator may need checking and topping up - as it may have...
14 hours ago
Rigidity issues from cutting the back of the frame off?
I bought a V star 650 classic new in 03' and have had it since. I was considering making a café out...
by TwoWornWheels   3 days ago

Hi Darrell - Any Frame modification should be done the 'Right Way', and that IS to Make sure that...
14 hours ago