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Starting problem
Hi yall, how you doing? I have a hickup with a friend's vs1400. So a little background, the bike...
by ChristianCherre   6 hours ago

2 ChristianCherre Thanks its a 2002
1 hour ago
1600 Marauder
Hey There,   I have a 1600 Marauder and having difficulty finding parts...  In fact, my bike is not...
by Patrick16   2 days ago

Wish I lived closer. lol Now I 'm going to think about how it could be done.
2 hours ago
New Member
Hello Mototribe; I am a brand new bike owner and rider, I purchased a 2005 V Star 1100 custom...
by Moose81   11 hours ago

Take it easy and don't ride above your head. If in doubt, don't. Check if there are any Beginners...
5 hours ago
Hi I'm new to motorcycles. My experience as a motorcycle owner and rider is Very limited. I own a...
by Curtis8   3 days ago

I've taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Harley Davidson courses. Definitely the way to go...
5 hours ago
oil change on a v star 1100
hi i just bough a v star 1100 and want to give it a oil change what is the best oil to buy and how...
by mustangjudymike   3 years ago

12 Moose81 I was thinking about using it in my next oil change.
11 hours ago
Putting a patch on my back???
I had been planning to design a patch for the back of my vest. My thought was to express some of my...
by oxjaw   3 years ago

Just be careful about what had been said. Remember, we are from all parts of the world and what may...
16 hours ago
1988 Virago valve cover gasket replacement
Hi everyone, I have a slow oil leak that I've narrowed down to the valve covers on the rear...
by ConnorMoody   1 week ago

Yes # 30 and #26 are o-rings you should replace them just cause the age of your bike. They are...
16 hours ago
Starter Issues!
Replaced starter relay, replaced battery, put in all new starter. Still won’t turn over. Any ideas...
by Revvs   18 hours ago

V-Star Silverado Windshield Install
Does anyone have the installation instructions for a V-Star 650 Silverado windshield using the...
by Blackacre   3 years ago

5 Bonnie4 I own a2003 Yamaha 1100 v star classic
1 day ago
Fuel additives
Looking for advice on fuel additives to purge fuel system
by Michael99   6 days ago

Yes Seafoam. Ideally burn ethanol free gas as much as possible. My Rebel ran rough when I first...
1 day ago