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Uploads Slow
I've noticed since cc has been back that some comments, pics and videos take a long time to upload...
by tezza   5 days ago

An AJAX error is a server error caused by bad url's.(universal resource locations). Those what the...
9 hours ago
Hypercharger, Opinions welcomed
I have been told I should get a hypercharger for my vstar 1100, friends tell me that air flow is...
by dyoung1974   9 years ago

11 JefferyEmuh Hai guys..i am from malaysia.i try to find out hypercharger for my bike via ebay/amazon.but there...
19 hours ago
Vstar 1100 classic
i looking to buy a vstar 1100 classic 4849 miles and the out the door price is $3264 is this a good...
by LayLow   4 days ago

That's really low miles...may need new tires..also probably sat for a long time Edwin said...
1 day ago
V-Star decals, clear coat.
I'm sure someone has covered this subject. Does anybody know if there is a solution to getting that...
by Davecarlinroxx   6 days ago

Sorry...I LOL when you deadpanned that it is out getting painted ....the badges were scary enough...
1 day ago
Ignition pulse generator
hi , i just imported a 86 vt1100 shadow inti ISRAEL but it is only running on the 2 front...
by BRIANABER   1 day ago

New OEM parts.
1 day ago
New Member Intro
My Motohack handle goes back to 1993 when I built my own sidecar rig after returning from  a...
by Motohack   4 days ago

From other members.
1 day ago
2008 Suzuki boulevard c109 RT
I have a 2008 c109 RT which intrested in purchasing a full cobra exhuast system for.  My question...
by markzeus   2 days ago

I had Cobras on my 2009 C109R. The C109RT is the same bike but with added bags, windscreen, sissy...
2 days ago
Batwing fairing
Has anyone mounted a Batwing fairing to a 2001 Intruder VL1500 ? If so, which manufacturer and...
by RedBirdBoy   1 week ago

Welcome to the community Tim. From Penrith NSW Australia. I had a 1998 VL1500LC when I got back...
2 days ago
My friend is having an issue with his bike, he wants to eliminate the governor, because he says it...
by Chad15   6 days ago

2 Chad15 Nope, no tach. He claims the Rev limiter tops at what he believes is 4 grand. I haven't seen it in...
2 days ago
New member from the Netherlands.
Hello everybody, I just registered. I am Marcel from the Netherlands, proud owner of a 2007 Yamaha...
by PlofPlof   4 days ago

Hi Marcel, Welcome from Germany. I saw a BMW like yours in Emden on Sunday. Gruß aus Deutschland!...
2 days ago