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Australian Indian Scout Price Drop
Got this in my email.
by Edwins   6 days ago

Well done you'll be the guy at the front with your ear to the a true...
16 min ago
Motorcycles are a hole to throw your money in
Don't get me wrong, I love riding.  But as I read through the Service Manual and from experience,...
by USDSUQ   5 days ago

One tends not to look at the price tag when it comes to a true passion for something. Riding...
3 hours ago
Vibration over 80 mph
Got a 2013 bought it last year, ever since I got it as soon I bit 80 mph can feel a vibration right...
by Miguelpenalver   8 hours ago

It sounds strange to me. Is it only on higher speed? Nothing wrong with one of the wheels or tires...
7 hours ago
Motorcycle camping.
In another month I'll be moving from my Intruder to my next bike the 04 Royal Star Venture Midnight...
by gasjostrom   2 weeks ago

Thanks for your offer! And you're right, I'm not the one who likes to go out camping but.... maybe...
7 hours ago
Starting Help Plzzz
Ok hello y'all, I just bought my first bike three days ago. I met the guy and drove it home about...
by Bronson2   16 hours ago

2 Bronson2 No any bit of throttle kills the bike
10 hours ago
V star 650 final drive
Hi all Lookiin for a little feedback from those in the know. I'm new to bikes and new to this forum...
by yamahans   3 years ago

On my 1100 the spline receives some grease when re-attaching spline. It maybe that someone used...
15 hours ago
looking for side covers
Recently bought a 1997 VN1500A(88) and have been unable to fing side covers. Ebay had one listed...
by DougJutz   6 days ago

20 hours ago
I'm new to this site and just wanted to say howdy.
by Jimbogoode   3 weeks ago

Howdy from Driftwood! My wife has plenty of relatives out in San Angelo. They just had their...
21 hours ago
the saddle bags with leather.
the tops of the leather bags keep bursting. Any suggestions
by CyndiRoof   6 days ago

I use bees wax for all my leather gear. Here is an ebay link ....
1 day ago
2004 V-Star 1100 Classic Charging Issues
Hi, can anyone tell me what is causing all the fire to keep draining from my battery while im...
by Johnnie69   2 days ago

Stator or Regulator. Start with regulator cheaper. Regulator (Original Manufacturers will be a lot...
1 day ago