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Changing Tires - Help me guys.
So I bought a Harbor Frieght tire changer with the motorcycle attachment, but took it back because...
by USDSUQ   1 week ago

put a couple of 2x4s on the ground, apart to fit the disk between when laying flat, slide it under...
15 hours ago
05 Silverado 1100 starter issue
So my 05 vstar 1100 Silverado runs great but I have to push start it! When I turn the key on...
by Elvis2   1 week ago

i could have helped
15 hours ago
2001 Vstar Classic 650
Hello! My bikes battery is dying while riding. I keep it on the trickle charger when it's home and...
by Heather3   1 month ago

bad starter
15 hours ago
Disconnecting AIS on Roadstar
how do you disconnect the AIS on. 1700 Roadstar without the block off kit?
by JamesStanovcak   2 months ago

My Road Star is a 2006 XV1700 A with Spoke Wheels, I bought the Barons kit but haven't had a chance...
17 hours ago
Electrifying Developements
As some of you may know, I'm a electronics geek. Over 40 years as a electronics/computer tech...
by Edwins   1 week ago

Going to be like our nuclear waste
22 hours ago
carburetor adjustment
I bought this 1100 Midnight Cusom used, and they had the wrong main jest for Cobra strait pipes. I...
by batstead   1 day ago

With Cobra Exhaust you can go 150 Small round Mukuni jets front and rear carbs. But the problem is...
1 day ago
Vs1400 front tyre
Im wondering if a 100/90/19 tyre will work ok rather than the stock 110/90/19 one? Damian
by DamianGardner   1 day ago

It should work very well. It is just a little narrower that is all.
1 day ago
1988 Vulcan 1500B 88SE exhaust
I've been looking for header pipes (duals, one on each side) that I can mount my own mufflers. On ...
by 1988SE88   1 day ago

Judge's Steel Oil Pump Gear
Judge's Steel Oil Pump Gear Has any body tried this modification to replace their POG on a Vulcan...
by Matt01   7 years ago

I just got my 1988 1500 SE 88 back together, replaced the 8 little rubber dampers on the balance...
1 day ago
Fuse problems
Hey have a 2004 Honda shadow sabre when I come to a stop the bike dies and blows the ignition fuse...
by Morgan2   2 days ago

Ignition system has a short. Check connections at ignition modual, coils, and ignition switch, and...
1 day ago