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Compatibility xvs650
Will this fit the 2014 model? Also are there any other parts I need to fit it properly? Brian
by bdr4477   7 hours ago

2 bdr4477 Ya I re-read the posting, I must have been blind the first time. I'm in Sydney.
1 hour ago
do they make these for my 2004 ultra classic? Do they make an adapter
by gadams57   1 hour ago

A Very Rare Breed
How Many Drifters were sold world Wide? I have been trying to get a definitive answer on how many...
by Washbrook   12 months ago

I know I would be risking divorce to buy another bike at this time, good luck!
2 hours ago
2 wheeler or 3 wheeler ????
I have been riding motorcycles for over 50 years now and going into my 70s. Some people I know are...
by jrwahl   2 days ago

Motorcycles are designed to lean. They wont turn at speed without leaning. As long as it's not...
3 hours ago
Fuel Consumption.
Hi CC'ers I have a problem with my 2010 1700 Kawasaki  Vulcan Nomad I think . I would like to hear...
by MikeMLC   1 day ago

Some figures from the Vulcan Forum.
4 hours ago
handle bar control bore size
silly question.what is the measurment referring to bore size when talking about handle bar controls...
by clintonblack   5 hours ago

thanks adrian sounds like you are on the right track,im just trying to understand this terminolagy...
4 hours ago
I Should Explain My Absence!!
A few months ago I was a fairly regular poster here, then suddenly dropped out.  I should really...
by Ametha   20 hours ago

Some much insecurity in jobs nowadays, I really feel for you what you've gone through it must have...
4 hours ago
Caption this contest 7/21
Its about time for another one to help pass the time. As before, the winner snags 400 rewards miles...
by BananaMonster   1 day ago

I think putting helium in the sidecar tyre was a REALLY BAD idea !!!
5 hours ago
Hoka hey challenge
Anyone got friends riding ? I have two. # 802 and #803. They left key west at 06:00 Sunday and are...
by LOCOENGR   1 day ago

5 hours ago
voltagem do aparelho
This Yuasa unit is 110 or 220 volts? Tanks
by marcosilva   1 day ago

Found this info on another website: Includes quick connect adapter and alligator clips •Output:...
5 hours ago