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2003 Suzuki Intruder VS1400 Carburetor Issues
I put this in a blog, probably should have put it here... I ride a 2003 Suzuki Intruder VS1400.  It...
by kjborn38   7 years ago

2 williamrmcclell I bought a suzuki 1400 intruder yesterday and the next day one cylinder is dead. I suspect the rear...
31 sec ago
CDI wiring
Hi new here just got my bike on the road had to put a new regulator on it but while doing that,...
by CiscoKid   20 hours ago

4 CiscoKid yes, that was it, i blew up the wiring diagram and printed it out and got out my crayons and...
44 min ago
Seat height
I recently bought a 2000 Honda vlx 600 as my first bike. The previous owner was a female that is...
by Jmass73   2 hours ago

Did you ask her how she had it lowered? Might be able to reverse the process. If she used a kit,...
1 hour ago
Windshield selection
I'm thinking of changing my windshield and have been looking at the 6 1/2" curved Memphis Shades on...
by Fubar   16 hours ago

nothing stops that
4 hours ago
I was thinking of putting my patches on my leather coat.  But see some of you with vests with the...
by USDSUQ   4 days ago

I wear my cuts almost everytime I ride. They don't get that dirty. Nothing you can't tidy up if...
14 hours ago
Engine, start
I inherited a 2004 Softail Springer. It has been sitting up for several years and won't start. It...
by BruceMacDonald1   20 hours ago

Have you checked to see if you have spark at the plugs? If it sat with fuel in the carbs, you won't...
16 hours ago
Custom tank.
I want to put a larger tank that sits lower over the engine on my 95 vs800. Any off the shelf tanks...
by JonJon79   21 hours ago

None that I know of that will be a straight bolt on. At the least, mounts would need to made and...
17 hours ago
New Member in Indy Area
Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I thought I would introduce myself to this forum. Just bought a...
by MDStroh89   1 week ago

Welcome from California.
18 hours ago
Run Stop Turn Controller
Hey all,I recently recieved my second Run Stop Turn Controller from Kurakyn once I installed this...
by PoPosCruiser   22 hours ago

Mototribe Site versus Facebook
Seems that the inevitable has arrived with regard to our "legacy" website versus Facebook's...
by wmccoy548   3 months ago

Its only a problem when he uses crayons on the screen.
1 day ago