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2002 Yamaha road star Silverado 5th gear out
Need advice,we like our bike but not worth the cost of fixing? Shame to scrap it. The 5th gear went...
by Dallis   1 day ago

3 hours ago
To Wax or not to Wax
I have torn my bike apart, it being 8 years old, and clean each part front and back and waxed them...
by USDSUQ   3 hours ago

Anyone here???
Logged on at home and took me to other site!! Logged on at work and it brought me back to CCC!! Is...
by strattlerock   3 weeks ago

Still here, will be until it closes.
8 hours ago
Hey Randy ! A new Rebel is on its way.
by vardy   5 days ago

Yes, my Rebel is a '07 250 cc. 820 miles when I got it and now has 3200 miles in roughly 2 years...
8 hours ago
Scruffy (Wayne)
Happy Birthday Wayne. Don't think I'll ever forget your day. It the same as my sister
by AllenEllis   5 days ago

Phil wait til I post a pic of Wayne's alcohol tree.
8 hours ago
Not wright
the bike pallsates when I warms up. 
by Patcassidy   13 hours ago

Came you give a little more explanation? Shakes, vibrates ,surges? Happens when riding or at idle?...
12 hours ago
high idle when engine is hot.
to start the bike i have to have the choke open almost everytime unless its very hot outside (by...
by samlattouf   3 years ago

14 KevinKoOsborne Bike sounded ok then i added stabil as a friend suggested now high idle and stalls when i try to...
13 hours ago
v star oil light
Hello guys I have changed to mobile one synthetic oil for my 2012 v star 950 and now the oil light...
by bernie950   1 year ago

4 Baileyewoniuk on my 2014 vstar. its same deal. it's the sensor. being smart. if it goes on 3 minutes or so in....
17 hours ago
My travel plans for 2017You may have already heard about my 2017 travel plans, but with my memory,...
by AussieRay   3 days ago

Thanks Ray I needed a laugh this morning.
1 day ago
LED fast flasher cure.
A very elegant solution from Kuryakyn. You won't loose the self canceling feature or get the dash...
by Edwins   1 day ago