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No Electric power anywhere
I am in trouble. I was charging the battery on my 2002 drifter 1500. I was charging it in frame...
by stanallen   5 days ago

Never charge a bike battery with more than 2 amps Check your main breaker sounds like it busted
8 hours ago
Help with back fender
Is it possible to remove the back fender without removing the back wheel. I laid my bike down in...
by CndC109Rider   1 day ago

Look in the chassis section. Rear frame cover.
1 day ago
Replacing rear break pad on Intruder 1400
Hello, Does anyone know where I could find instruction on how to replace intruder 1400 rear break...
by SimonKhin   1 week ago

Just pull the pins and replace the pads. You may have to push the pistons back a ways. All you need...
2 days ago
Judge's Steel Oil Pump Gear
Judge's Steel Oil Pump Gear Has any body tried this modification to replace their POG on a Vulcan...
by Matt01   7 years ago

So how did you two go with with the Judge's Oil Gear?
2 days ago
Crank shaft case
Dont know what the hell I was thinkin. Put a torque on my drain plug and stripped the damn thing...
by vsnetzinger   2 months ago

7 Will10 It's going to be ending of mine day, however before end I am reading this great post to increase my...
2 days ago
Premieux Batwing Ferring
Premieux brand batwing style ferring. Black with blue metallic. Minor blemish on one side was there...
by Spidey99   2 days ago

Looking for lower muffler and RHS leather saddlebag
I am in need of genuine parts for a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard C109R (VLR1800)   Lower muffler and Rigt...
by Phil10   7 months ago

3 Spidey99 Phil, not sure if you still need the items but, I have all requested. Exhaust is almost brand new...
2 days ago
Did anyone else get this email too ?
by MikeMLC   4 months ago

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3 days ago
2003 Suzuki Intruder 1500VL Shifting Problems
HI All, new on here but i've had a lot of luck with other discussion groups so i'm sure someone...
by hfxrider   3 days ago

Have you tried to clean out the seal at the shift shaft? This sounds funny but clean out the dirt...
3 days ago
2002 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Cobra Backfire
I recently bought a used 2002 yamaha vstar with cobra pipes on it. When I first got the bike it ran...
by Lee117   1 week ago

Make sure your baffles are in. Folks like to take them out for the louder pipes, but Cobra insists...
3 days ago