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Performance mods
Ive been looking on the interntet for the past couple weeks and i cant find anyone who has really...
by Travis9   2 weeks ago

2 Mike123 You need a good exhaust, the right carb set up, air filter etc ..It isn’t worth the trouble trying...
23 hours ago
Rear tail light brake light help!
Ok so I need some help. I have a light bar with 5 wires red, green, black, yellow, and white. I...
by Taranichole   1 week ago

Start at the switch in the hand lever. Make sure it is open when not pressed. Then do the same with...
4 days ago
Fitting a National Windshield around existing lightbar
Hi...I have an '05 V Star 1100 classic which I added a lightbar to. I'm looking to get a National...
by Gordo0000   1 week ago

Sounds like your going to have some fun mounting and fabing up brackets.
1 week ago
LED Headlight for 2013 Stateline
HI All,  I am a Honda Magna rider and am trying to upgrade my Headlight to LED. A projection unit...
by CroMagnaMan1   1 week ago

i put the h4 from ebay in (plug and play) very bright nice light, it was the one that looks like a...
1 week ago
suicide shifter
just wondering if anyone has a suicide clutch i have never actually got to use one. i was going to...
by liambeel   5 years ago

12 Vaughan Looking for info on modifying gear shift to Side shift / Suicide shift style...any help appreciated
1 week ago
Kuryakyn Alley Cat Air Kit
Hey all, Installed the Kuryakyn Alley Cat on my 2011 Vstar 650 and cant get the bike to run...
by Dean111   2 weeks ago

I'd call Kuryakyn. "When the going gets tough, the tough call our tech department at 1-866-277-9598...
2 weeks ago
Rear fender "fake" bobber
Hi guys, I have a Drag Star 650 that I am installing a solo seat, but because of my mrs I will have...
by piai77   3 weeks ago

just cut up to the reinforcement under the fender.
3 weeks ago
engine upgrades for vt750 ace
My wife rides a Ace vt 750. sShe loves the fit and the bike, but would like to add alittle more...
by Dana1   5 years ago

i have the earlier 1997 shadow 750 ace and a 10 mm spade drill bit up the tail pipe opened up my...
3 weeks ago
Z1R Stike Helmet Shield replacement
Folks, I scratched the original clear shield on my Z1R Strike Helmet and ordered a replacement from...
by WallyWatts   7 years ago

6 JamesSouth The same instructions work for the Z1R Phantom and Z1R Stance helmets.
1 month ago
Backrest Sissy Bar Luggage Rack For Kawasaki Vulcan VN900
 hi im looking for a medium Backrest Sissy Bar Luggage Rack For Kawasaki Vulcan VN900 Custom...
by YaadKedem   1 month ago

How handy are you? I have fab a couple up for folks around here. It only took about 4 days and $25...
1 month ago