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Engine swap
I have a 96 Kawasaki Vulcan classic 800 and blew motor. Sence I have to replace the motor I would...
by Justin15   4 days ago

The 800 is chain, the 900 belt, the 1500 shaft.Rebuild or find a find a replacement for the 800,...
3 days ago
fuel filter location,2004 Yamaha 1100 v-star
bike running a little rough latley tring to locate the fuel filter. per yamaha its external. does...
by dgoodale   8 years ago

8 phil13 where is fuel filter location on 2004 v-star 1100
2 weeks ago
2013 vstar 1300 deluxe tur pak
I am looking for a tour pack that can be mounted to my quick release back rest. I want to be able...
by Trebor   2 weeks ago

Aftermarket wheel
I'm trying to find any 21 inch rims that would fit my shadow spirit vt750c2. Or a good company to...
by Glenn17   3 weeks ago

Just the rim or the entire wheel?
3 weeks ago
More spam stompping.
These people should get a life.
by Edwins   3 weeks ago

Spoke wheel for 04 shadow sabre ?
I just got an 04 shadow sabre I really like the bike but hate the mag wheels. If nothing else I'd...
by Jayd513   3 months ago

5 Orlando3 Let me know how you get them cleaned. Kinda hard with wheel on bike, tried using steel wool and...
1 month ago
I'm putting on a new exhaust on my 2014 c90 boss and an o2 sensor eliminator. My issue is in not to...
by Jon118   1 month ago

4 Jon118 Thank you... I didn't even think to ask them.
1 month ago
I am looking for risers for a 2 inch draw back for a 2009 950. Anyone have any ideas?
by Kw8669   1 month ago

i would get on the bike unbolt the handlebars and hold them in a position you like, get someone to...
1 month ago
Yamaha vstar 1100 engine
Is the engine in a 2001 Yamaha Vstar 1100 custom the same as a engine in a 2003 vstar 1100 custom....
by 2grips   1 month ago

I don't think so. 99 Virago 1100
1 month ago
Which Oil Relocation Kit for VSTAR1100 Jardine or Baron ?
Time has come for me to purchase one of the above oil relocation kits.Which is the better of the...
by brock05   8 years ago

take the old cover witht he yamaha on it and with some mods ie dremel it will fit nice.
1 month ago