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Xvs 650 fender on 1100?
Hello. I am New on this forum, but has recently bought a xvs 1100 with chopped off frame for the...
by Roglies   1 day ago

Both use a 170/80-15 rear tire. It doesn't look like the fender stays are the same so it would...
10 hours ago
thinking of adding led tail light
hi im looking at this light
by eynstyn   2 days ago

Yeeeesssshhh! $150? Maybe I should start smuggling bike parts.
1 day ago
Which Oil Relocation Kit for VSTAR1100 Jardine or Baron ?
Time has come for me to purchase one of the above oil relocation kits.Which is the better of the...
by brock05   8 years ago

If I remember correctly, the lines go just in front of rear brake reservoir, and attaches to the...
1 day ago
Fairing for vstar 1100
Want to put a fairing with radio and gauges on bike. Thought possibly a harley fairing. Any...
by MarcoPolo   2 days ago

Highway bars, engine bars and foot pedals
Hello all, new to this forum, but I am hoping someone who is more familiar with accessories can...
by 93vintage   1 week ago

Scroll up and click on Photos. On the the Photos page, go to the left hand column Under the Get...
1 week ago
Changing Rear Fender
I own a 2009 V Star 950 and I love it. It's a great bike, handles well, great mileage, but what I'm...
by ColbiTurnbull   1 week ago

Is there anywhere online to check Harley Davidson parts for fit?
Hey guys, I got my first bike in February and I'm in the fun phase of making it mine. The problem...
by Dholliy   2 years ago

OEM Harley-Davidson P52000142 LOW 2-Up SEAT 2009-17 Don't see anything on H847701AR48654.
1 week ago
Spoke wheel for 04 shadow sabre ?
I just got an 04 shadow sabre I really like the bike but hate the mag wheels. If nothing else I'd...
by Jayd513   1 month ago

3 Orlando3 Understand the spoke preference. I have the exact same bike as you, same year. I have come to love...
3 weeks ago
Wide tire convertion
Hi there I have a 99 suzuki 1500 intruder and would like to fit a wide tire at least a 240 to the...
by Desmond2   1 month ago

Put in your sizes and compare the differences. It's a bit surprising.
1 month ago
Pushrods and Cams
Hello, Straight to the point here, I have been wanting to upgrade to HP pushrods and cams and was...
by JesseC   1 month ago

Wow that is quite a bit to read and comprehend. Read it once but I have to go back and read it...
1 month ago