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New to me
Just got a used 2007 Star 1300 Tour and I love it SO much. This my first "big" cruiser and so I...
by Mips42   1 week ago

Loosen your choke cable way loose. It's always the culprit in bad mileage.
1 week ago
engine upgrades for vt750 ace
My wife rides a Ace vt 750. sShe loves the fit and the bike, but would like to add alittle more...
by Dana1   4 years ago

15 Roberto3 Buenas tengo una vt 750 ace 2003 y le hice unas cuantas modificaciones y ahora es otra motora,...
2 weeks ago
I want to remove the passenger seat but after i take the bracket off I have holes in my rear fender...
by NancyGlover   3 weeks ago

I have used Stainless button head bolts with stainless washers with plastic washers under the...
3 weeks ago
What is the actual height of the windshield?
I currently have the OEM windshield (15" from bottom of cutout to top of windshield) and am looking...
by TheGoldy   2 years ago

You know, I can't say I like the fairing more than the windshield because it's kind of like...
3 weeks ago
vulcan 2000 classic lt
im looking for any info on anyone that can give me names of corparations that make bat wing with...
by tatanka   1 month ago

Here's a few.
1 month ago
LED Passing Lamp Replacements for vstar 1100 or roadstar
I am trying to find a LED replacement for my sealed beam Passing Lamps.  The connection is just two...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

LED Headlights w/ Reflector all in one.
1 month ago
Run Stop Turn Controller
Hey all,I recently recieved my second Run Stop Turn Controller from Kurakyn once I installed this...
by PoPosCruiser   1 month ago

4 Lacy11 On some V-Star 950 models, it may be necessary to switch the BLUE and BROWN wires/terminals in the...
1 month ago
highway Pegs, Seat
I have a 2009 Yamaha v-star custom I want to add highway pegs but i dont want the big bar Do they...
by frobean   11 months ago

1 Indyal I am curious what you ended up doing for Highway pegs and a seat upgrade? I am also considering...
1 month ago
Uncomfortable seat Yamaha XVS 650 Classic
Hi, I have only had the bike for 2 months and my rides are getter longer, but the longer I ride the...
by Spad562   4 years ago

Fit a back rest, I never did on the V-Star but have on the Vulcan and wouldn't ride without it now.
1 month ago
help me to have it
I,m dream to have suzuki 650 savage custom, but i dont have money to buy one..
by holmes   2 months ago

I want an MV Augusta Dragster 800RR... that aint happening any time soon !!
1 month ago