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Headlight upgrade question
I am thinking about upgrading the headlight on my 2009 V Star 950 Tourer, and have been considering...
by SarntRod   1 month ago

Hi Eynstyn - I went to the ebay website - was this the exact site and model that you bought? (sez...
18 hours ago
How to replace carburetor filters to open fiters?
Hi, Does anyone have replaced the intank filters to open filters in the carburetor? If yes, I would...
by jacobb   2 days ago

Hello Jacob. This will help.
1 day ago
 Hello I was wondering if anyone has changed out Handlebars on a v star 950. I am looking  to...
by DawnMMcQuown   3 weeks ago

You could add a set of pull back risers to bring the bars closer to you.
3 weeks ago
Seat & Sissy bar for Passenger comfort (back surgery)
Hello all, new member here.   I'm new to cruisers.  I just bought a beautiful 2006 Yamaha V Star...
by marcmaggard   8 years ago

8 111111 nice to know 很高兴知道
1 month ago
Looking for 2013 M90 HardBags Saddle Bags? Anyone Know where?
Hey everyone. Want HardBags for my 2013 M90, but having a very hard time finding any? Do not want...
by BigReg   1 month ago

Hi Big red welcome from Canberra, Australia. It's strange that the M90 misses out on aftermarket...
1 month ago
M90 baffles?
I have the cobra swept pipes on 2009 m90 I have the fi2000 can I debaffle my pipes and just makes...
by Sundog79   1 month ago

1 month ago
V factor 12" apes.
I'm about to order a set 12" v factor apes. Want make sure they got my 2008 650 classic. Some say...
by Bghunter76   1 month ago

Which site are you referring to? If the V factors won't work there are many others that will....
1 month ago
Questions about aftermarket seats for V-Star 1100 Classic
It's actually my wife's bike that I registered with .....(and am now asking about). She's never...
by MichaelScott   1 month ago

7 TxRider I just put an Ultimate on my 1300 and love it. I'm 5'9 and 155lb and the fit is perfect. It isn't...
1 month ago
Cobra light bar and Vulcan 1600 with Fire & Steel windshield and lowers
Hello, I have a 2005 Vulcan 1600 fitted with a Fire & Steel windshield and lowers.  Anybody...
by dtinz   7 years ago

5 BuddyLewis Is there ANY windscreen that will fit my bike with a cobra light bar installed?
1 month ago
Looking for a batwing fairing
Does anyone know of a decent fairing for the 1500 LC ?? Memphis shades does not seem to have one...
by digidonny   4 years ago

9 Paul148 I have a 2003 Suzuki intruder 1500 looking for a batsman fairing to fit it.
1 month ago