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Front wheel conversion
Does anyone have a recommendation to get a bigger front wheel on my xvs 650? Either run the 19"...
by IanGray   7 months ago

7 months ago
Suicide clutch
After a mini stroke last week and losing partial use of my clutch hand, temporarily I hope, I'm...
by Spydrman   7 months ago

I don't know of a kit. youtube shows some diy ones. Pingle makes a universal electric solenoid...
7 months ago
Fuel Tuner for M109R
Hello, I will be purchasing a set of Freedom Performance curved radius pipes for my 2013 Suzuki...
by Lemons4   11 months ago

7 months ago
Stretched headlight
I seen a stretched headlight for a Roadstar. I was wondering if it would fit on my 1100. 
by KingIke   7 months ago

Just looked up some pics ...let us know if it fits ....I want one!
7 months ago
Has anybody fitted floorboards to a 2017 VN900 Custom? Searched on the web but struggling to get...
by Gilly6860   7 months ago

Thank you.
7 months ago
Rigidity issues from cutting the back of the frame off?
I bought a V star 650 classic new in 03' and have had it since. I was considering making a café out...
by TwoWornWheels   7 months ago

Glad it worked!
7 months ago
1995 Intruder 1400 motogadget m-unit
Hey guys and girls! Im new to the fourms and was looking for a little guidance! I have a 1995...
by Ethen   7 months ago

Hi Ethen - Sounds like good advice to me regarding the Harness - and the M-Unit GIZZMO - I have...
7 months ago
C90 after-market pipes and accessories
Hi. I just joined because I just purchased a 2006 C90 (all stock) with only 600 miles and I have a...
by MysteryWriter   7 months ago

Listen first.
7 months ago
New member/2006 C90 accessories
HI. I just joined becauee I just purchased a 2006 C90 (all stock) with only 600 miles and I have a...
by MysteryWriter   7 months ago

fuel tank
I have a 96 800 Intruder. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what years will interchange...
by Markm   8 months ago

92 - 97 Exact fit:
8 months ago