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Will this fit a 2003 VTX 1800 R
 I read the fitment and it says it will fit a 2004 through 2008 Honda VTX 1800R.  However, I really...
by Scott29   3 years ago

1 Sheabuddy I recently purchased a 2007 1800 VTX Tourer. I suspect the battery may need to be replaced as it...
5 months ago
Want to move my foot controls forward.
I've looked everywhere and all I can find for forward foot control modifications is Harley davison...
by gasjostrom   4 years ago

6 LarryHowell Need forward controls due to knee & hip replacement .
5 months ago
Luggage/Bag Mounting Recommendations
I have a line on a 2016 Shadow Aero, and before I pull the trigger, I want to know some options for...
by migman62   5 months ago

sister has leather saddlebags, and a passenger backrest, she stuffs the bags bungies the stuff to...
5 months ago
Amplifier upgrade
 Want to install a amplifier. Trying to figure out  what size amp could the electrical handle .I...
by Shadowace44   5 months ago

Welcome neighbor ..from Oakville
5 months ago
Wiring troubles
Bought a 83 v45 that had been hacked up. Does anyone have a beer and a good detailed wiring diagram...
by Joshua7   5 months ago

You're buying. Did you one better.
5 months ago
Fuel management
What is the best fuel pack for a 2016 Street Glide
by djruiz237   5 months ago

Watch this. It explains a lot. Then browse:https://www....
5 months ago
floorboards and heel shifter
I have a C109R with lots of love on it. I want to change the floorboard for some kuryakyn longer...
by RafaelPalacios   5 months ago

Kuryakyn shows installation instructions on their website. While not specific to your bike many...
5 months ago
V star 1100 exhaust
I was wondering if a header pipe from a 2008 v star 1100 will fit on a 2001 v star 1100 before I...
by Chuckburford   5 months ago

Custom or Classic? I think they are the same but will check when you let me know.
5 months ago
I'm about to have to build a wiring harness from scratch, anyone got any videos of tips? I could...
by Jeff141   5 months ago

Shop manual with wiring diagram.
5 months ago
engine upgrades for vt750 ace
My wife rides a Ace vt 750. sShe loves the fit and the bike, but would like to add alittle more...
by Dana1   6 years ago

18 Jonathan9 After typing for nearly 30 minutes to give you aa much info as I could. It was wiped out somehow....
5 months ago