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I'm about to have to build a wiring harness from scratch, anyone got any videos of tips? I could...
by Jeff141   9 months ago

Shop manual with wiring diagram.
9 months ago
engine upgrades for vt750 ace
My wife rides a Ace vt 750. sShe loves the fit and the bike, but would like to add alittle more...
by Dana1   6 years ago

18 Jonathan9 After typing for nearly 30 minutes to give you aa much info as I could. It was wiped out somehow....
9 months ago
07 boulevard m50 rear brake pedal adjusment
Hi guys i just recently bought my first bike and it feels great all the controls are in comfortable...
by 07suzuki518   9 months ago

Take a look at the illustration. Should be able to loosen and move the pedal.https://www....
9 months ago
2008 Suzuki boulevard c109 RT
I have a 2008 c109 RT which intrested in purchasing a full cobra exhuast system for.  My question...
by markzeus   9 months ago

I had Cobras on my 2009 C109R. The C109RT is the same bike but with added bags, windscreen, sissy...
9 months ago
2008 m50
hi guys, am looking for a windshield for the m50. anyone had good luck finding one for theirs ? one...
by jimM50   9 months ago

Hi Jim, Welcome to the site. Take a browse.
9 months ago
Shadow 1100
I have a 02 shadow 1100 and I would like to make it somewhat of a strecth tail bagger. My question...
by BobbyB   10 months ago

Honda likes to use model specific part numbers for the same assembley on different models. FRAME *...
10 months ago
need advice
i have a 96 shadow 1100 shaft drive I put a solo seat and short fender on it I want add a sissy bar...
by bronson12   10 months ago

Nice bike. Can you post a pic of the fender set up? I'm from Missouri, you gotta show me. Did you...
10 months ago
Removal of backrest
i have a 2017 vstar 650 classic. I want to remove the backrest off the sissy bar. Boy are they...
by Beejai   10 months ago

I have a couple of them and they work great. Don't be afraind to realy give it a good whack or two...
10 months ago
custom seat
Howdy All, Looking for a custom seat for my 08 FXCWC but I'm having trouble finding one that...
by mhindy   5 years ago

2 Nick23 I know is an old post ,, I put a Corbin 2 up seat on mine, is very comfortable, questionable about...
10 months ago
Turn signals on v-star 1100
I need a replacement turn-signal bulb for my '06 v-star 1000. The number on the bulb is 12V23/8WB....
by chashley   10 years ago

14 SteveGardner The filing of the posts seems easier than the slotting of the fitting. But you have to do it every...
10 months ago