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True Duals on Vulcan Classic
Has anyone ever installed true duals on a 1600 Vulcan Classic? I have a 2006 and would love to make...
by GooblyGobly   8 months ago

Sounds like a great winter project enjoy
7 months ago
Have no turn signals or brake light
I ha e a 86 250 Honda rebel and im needing help my bike is missing have of the wires and I'm trying...
by Elijah2   8 months ago

This will help: If you...
8 months ago
passing lamps for Vstar 1100 suggestions wanted.
I have an '07' 1100 vstar and I am not comfortable with the amount of light provided by my single...
by nottaclue27   9 years ago

HI and Welcome , You may have to get the light bar specific for the 1100. Then you could make a...
8 months ago
Rear blinkers
anyone replace rear lights for all in one?
by Hoss2   9 months ago

2 rtrowe I installed two bright bullet lights on mine because they can't break off, and they are almost...
8 months ago
Ape hangers
I have a 97 ultra classic.. going to add some 18" ape hangers.. how do I calculate the length of...
by Allen11   8 months ago

Save this. No school like old school.
8 months ago
Baron Apes and Cables for Boulevard C50
i'm looking to purchase 16" baron apes on my boulevard c50 but haven't seen anywhere that sells a...
by sanzopanzo   8 years ago

4 Albert3 Looking to change my stock handlebars on my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 to 13in Junior Kong Bars. I...
8 months ago
Hey guys and gals I need help on bypassing the ignition on my bike...i lost my keys
by Dubsac   8 months ago

Hot wiring a bike is way to easy. On a bike, the key switch allows current to the starter button...
8 months ago
Marauder fairing
Looking for any help or suggestions on a Batwing that fits a Marauder 1600, and i realize it will...
by kevin36   8 months ago

2 kevin36 Thank you Edwin, good info,sure appreciate the fast response. It seems the gauges/ tach and speedo...
8 months ago
Looking for a batwing fairing
Does anyone know of a decent fairing for the 1500 LC ?? Memphis shades does not seem to have one...
by digidonny   5 years ago

10 kevin36 Has any one had any success finding a batwing for a 04 Suzuki Marauder, thanks
8 months ago
led install issue
first off im fairly inclined mechinically yet i have an issue with my turn signals. I have a 96...
by geoff96shadow   1 year ago

9 5150shadow Other than what I write before I post it
8 months ago