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Aussies Rock Sturgis
My Friends The Babes (South Australian Rock Band) Are playing at this years 2018 Sturgis Rally, So...
by ABDOOD   4 weeks ago

You are so correct Peter. If you want to get out and truly ride, it is not that. The ride is...
3 weeks ago
Revisit of June 2018 Ride In Arkansas
OK guys, it's getting closer to time so I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who missed it...
by vsnetzinger   2 months ago

You are so right Scruffy
1 month ago
Laugh Time
Pharmacist to customer: "Sir, please understand, to buy an anti-depression pill you need a proper...
by tezza   2 months ago

Well I must admit there are a couple in there that I hadn't heard before and they gave me a good...
2 months ago
Tank bag
looking for a good tank bag. Not sure if type 5hat locks to the gas cap will work.  Any suggestions...
by Chip6   3 months ago

Try these guys the prices are good. they ship pretty fast.. I have bought stuff from them on...
2 months ago
Musicians & Music
Just to be completely different - Are there any Musos out there - Any Blues Players, Singers, Who...
by frostbite   4 months ago

Hi Gert - Yeah, I like Seasick Steve - He is a Cool Dude and quite an acomplished slide player...
3 months ago
Christmas Wishes
Merry Christmas from some of the Wild Hogs.
by tezza   4 months ago

That's good. Always trying to help
4 months ago
Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Julie Scales. Have a great day.   
by tezza   5 months ago

Best wishes Julie
5 months ago
Who is close to Brisbane?
Hello Australia, Nothing is SURE yet, but my company is looking at investigating business...
by lendirk   6 months ago

Not I
6 months ago
Back To The Past
For the long serving members still on this site, you may like to try this and it will bring back...
by tezza   6 months ago

As long as I am able to I will be here. Even if it gets to the point that I can't ride, I will...
6 months ago
Where Is Polssken?
Haven't seen him on the site since Randy visited. I sent a PM to him 3 weeks ago but no answer. I...
by tezza   6 months ago

Haha..... Don't ask me Peter! I don't like FB, but I watch it so once in a while to keep in touch...
6 months ago