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This comes from two math teachers with a combined total of 70 years experience. It has an...
by tezza   1 day ago

Spot on Edwin's.
14 hours ago
Can you help me out
We have two cats and we don't have a cat door so we leave the sliding glass door open so our cats...
by USDSUQ   1 month ago

17 wasteddaze Well hell for the right price I'll stand there no man nor beast will enter . I can be very...
3 weeks ago
Defined by Experience
Guide to motorcycle toolsHammer: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is...
by Edwins   1 month ago

3 Fubar Lol, what an accurate discription of my shop.
1 month ago
My travel plans for 2017You may have already heard about my 2017 travel plans, but with my memory,...
by AussieRay   2 months ago

And here I thought I was going to get an itinerary of your trip this June. LOL
1 month ago
A man comes home early one afternoon,and see's his wife dressed in a very sexy nighty.She purrs to...
by OTRtireman   6 years ago

2 Anabiyakhan I read this your blog it is very informative and it is help full for me thanks for sharing this...
2 months ago
Beautiful English
I called an old school friend and asked, what was he doing. He replied that he was working on "Aqua...
by tezza   3 months ago

2 months ago
Haven't seen Roadie in awhile. Was wondeing where he is? Would be great to see him
by AllenEllis   7 months ago

Nothing...If I knew this was going to happen I would never set him Roadie. still if any one want to...
3 months ago
The Sexual Activity of Senior Males
Golfers - note The frequency of sexual activity of senior males depends on where they were born....
by tezza   4 months ago

Spad562 one then.....
3 months ago
BREAKING NEWS ... Vegemite is ours again!!!
It was announced today that Bega Cheese ... an Australian company has paid $460 million to buy back...
by vardy   4 months ago

No, I suddenly existed! lol
3 months ago
Only A Biker Knows
You welcome the solitude, paired with the sound of your motor and sight of your constant companion...
by Dimitra   6 months ago

Well scribed Dim.
4 months ago