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Whats considered alot of miles for a 2001 Intruder 1500
I have been looking at 2 different Intruder 1500's they both have around 26,000 on them just...
by Phil1986   2 years ago

If it's in good condition and been cared for, milegae isn't really an issue and the price is good...
1 day ago
vstar650 and sigma jet kits
Hi   i just ordered  a sigma  jetkit,  and was wondering  2  things,  First off,  since everything...
by eucredawwg1   2 weeks ago

2 eucredawwg1 i installed the jetkit that i was sent. i added 2 washers under the e clip as instructed. used 95...
4 days ago
Hyper charger
How good is a hyper charger on a nomad 1600. And do I have to have it dinoied or is it an easy hook...
by Tim1130   1 week ago

I fitted the Thunder kit to mine and it wasn't too hard if your reasonable capable, so I assume the...
4 days ago
vstar classic driveshaft
just got my vstar bout a year ago but havent rode it that much but i was wondering what all...
by timjvstar   3 weeks ago

My wife had no issues riding her 650 at 70mph/110kph.
1 week ago
battery wiring
can somebody please tell me how the plastic piece that plugs into the starter selenoid of  a vstar...
by Raphael21   1 week ago

Take a look at this picture this may help you..
1 week ago
Accelerator pump leaking gas
Okay friends, I got a 2002 Kawasaki 1500 and I took the carburetor off and rebuilt it with a...
by Trey2   1 week ago

Edwins Just so we're on the...
1 week ago
V Star 1100 stalls when riding
I recently bought a 2007 Yamaha V Star Classic 1100 and was riding down the highway a few mile from...
by bruce7   4 years ago

16 Gabe13 I've got 03 vstar 1100 after riding for 1.5 miles shutting off, fuel pump is good,has gass,filters...
1 week ago
96 magna750C front peg lowering
Hello all, Need advice to lower my new floorboard front pegs on the magna . Do they sell any...
by Mojomagna23   2 weeks ago

Give these folks a call.
2 weeks ago
Who can give me some tips on customizing my Magna 750?
I joined this forum so that I could find the best avenues for customizing my Honda V45 Magna.  I am...
by stevemillertime   9 years ago

10 Mojomagna23 Need help on lowering my new front floorboard pegs there's not enough room to shift . I already...
2 weeks ago
Michelin Commander II Tire Review
A buddy of mine installed the Commander II tires from Michelin on his Harley last year... This week...
by ManyBikes   5 years ago

13 Willy4 A shaft driven harley? What model is that?
2 weeks ago