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Most reliable long lasting motorcycles
I have only had two motorcycles, but not for very last eight years.  I have noticed a lot...
by USDSUQ   1 day ago

As you know I have been eying the rocket 3 touring. I heard they were not making a 2017, but I see...
2 min ago
The effects of Ethanol
I just wondered if anyone noticed thier gas mileage has dropped over the last 7 years as apposed to...
by USDSUQ   1 week ago

I use ethanol free all the time in my bikes. Yes I notice mileage drops off when on a trip and I...
13 hours ago
Can always count on you guys!!
Looking to buy a video bikercam! I have narrowed it down to two! Tachyon bikercam and GoPro Hero5...
by strattlerock   3 days ago

I started out with a Swan HD because it was $200 cheaper than the GoPro at the time. It had the...
13 hours ago
To Wax or not to Wax
I have torn my bike apart, it being 8 years old, and clean each part front and back and waxed them...
by USDSUQ   3 days ago

Purple....good for alloy. Mostly found in truck stores....owning an Oldwing you go to those types...
20 hours ago
Scruffy (Wayne)
Happy Birthday Wayne. Don't think I'll ever forget your day. It the same as my sister
by AllenEllis   1 week ago

Goodonya mate!! Keep living life to the max!
1 day ago
Have a 2001 1500 VL rode it the other day without any problem switched it off then went to start it...
by bramwith   1 day ago

"The rear cam is actuated via a cable from the front cam. This cable makes an "S" turn along its...
1 day ago
Not wright
the bike pallsates when I warms up. 
by Patcassidy   4 days ago

Came you give a little more explanation? Shakes, vibrates ,surges? Happens when riding or at idle?...
4 days ago
high idle when engine is hot.
to start the bike i have to have the choke open almost everytime unless its very hot outside (by...
by samlattouf   3 years ago

14 KevinKoOsborne Bike sounded ok then i added stabil as a friend suggested now high idle and stalls when i try to...
4 days ago
Memphis Batwing vs. Tsukayu batwing?
How much two these two fairings differ in functionality and quality? Or does it just boil down to...
by BigRed1999   2 years ago

9 Goody1 I purchased a tsukayu boox batwing fairing (abs) and it was great. the only problem is it took too...
1 week ago
What's your view??
This is a rough replay of something i just heard on a motorcycle show on TV: << in this age...
by vardy   1 week ago

Well put Tezza. Short and sweet
1 week ago