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2006 Yamaha VMAX 1200 fuel tank
Hi everyone, I've ended up with a 1200 vmax and would like to know the easiest way to drain the...
by sharon4   22 hours ago

First, a nice picture and parts list for the fuel tank.
15 hours ago
Charging system
I have an 83 VF750C I've changed out the stator with another used one, changed rectifier with a new...
by Eric21   2 days ago

First, do a load test on the battery. Make sure your grounds are clean and tight. If that doesn't...
1 day ago
BMW R1200C 1998 - ECU Problem
Hi, I have a BMW R1200C 1998 model Cruiser Bike. The problem I am facing is that ECU is not...
by Bill147   4 days ago

Download and save: Best deal I could find...
4 days ago
Vstar 650 running rich backfires when decelerating. What to do?????
by JoshuaHall   1 week ago

Try draining the float bowls to check for moisture from setting and or ethanol corrosion in the...
5 days ago
LED headlight?
New member here. Just bought my first bike, a 2001 vstar 1100 custom. Have noticed that at night...
by Theskoalbandit   2 months ago

A cheaper alternative to replacing the entire headlamp is to buy an H4 led bulb. It’s what I...
1 week ago
Lorain Ohio
Hi, I want to buy a Mustang seat for my VTX and a fella has 1 in Lorain Ohio. If I pay him for it,...
by AussieSteve   1 week ago

Thanks for your response Val. It is on Facebook marketplace in a VTX group..
1 week ago
hard shifting
Just bought a 2009 Suzuki M90. It shifts rough from 1st into 2nd. All other gears seem fine. When...
by dbyer58   4 months ago

JR try some lube spray you may just have some dirt in between the shifter shaft and housing. Clean...
1 week ago
Carburetor cleaning
Cleaning my carburetor on my vstar xvs1100A I droped and lost the ring that goes with the starter...
by rsanvi   3 months ago

4 rsanvi Thanks for the feedback. I did buy the missing ring. Now I have another problem I dont know which...
1 week ago
Get you some of this.
Save yourself some grief. One of my seldom used brain circuits flashed on and I remembered using...
by Edwins   2 weeks ago

I have a 2011 Yamaha Road Star Silverado and I want to know how I can fit a 2 into 1 Thunderheader...
by ras0361   2 weeks ago

It would be cheaper to make your own pipes. Then have them powder coated or chromed.
2 weeks ago