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Fuel Pump Relay
I have a 2000 marauder and can not locate the fuel pump relay. does this year have one? i'v been...
by marcosj   4 days ago

4 days ago
It's been awhile !!
Hey guys....its been awhile since I popped in !! Hope you all are well....and are having a great...
by Folbz   1 week ago

Nice to see you back Folbz. Nice of your father in-law to lend you his so you can get some rides in...
4 days ago
My vulcan 1500 c
Hello just wondering, when my air breather covers are off the bike ldels fine but when given...
by Catfish62   5 days ago

Pulling the covers allows more air which causes a lean condition. The Kawasaki shop manual says a...
5 days ago
converting from 16" rims to 18"
Has anyone converted their bike from 16" wheels to 18" rear with a 180 back tire and a 19 in front...
by Jammer   1 week ago

Welcome To the Cruiser Customizing Community Jammer. You'll have a great time here......Tell us...
5 days ago
New to cruiser
Hey, Recently purchased a 2006 boulevard m50 . Trying to get ideas how to customize my bike.
by Vybe1   1 week ago

Welcome Vybe from Penrith, NSW Australia. You've come to the right place to get info on your M50....
5 days ago
Headlights issue/not working.
I had replaced my handlebar and now I'm having some issues with my headl8ght. The high beam and low...
by Ryanst   2 weeks ago

Just Check & Re-Check that the Wiring is functional - Perhaps a Multi-meter, digital or...
1 week ago
hyprecharger for 650 classic
hello guys im new here . I have been thinking about putting a hypercharger on my 650 classic and i...
by TimtheToolMan   2 weeks ago

Just a Good Air Cleaner will do the job - Check out some different ones and find the ones suited...
1 week ago
Found Kyle's work place second try
Try this one     It has several videos with Kyle in them...
by scruffy   2 weeks ago

He gets paid to have loads of fun. What a great job..
1 week ago
Putting a patch on my back???
I had been planning to design a patch for the back of my vest. My thought was to express some of my...
by oxjaw   3 years ago

80 Tcb11 I have Harley Davidson on top, the harley skull in the middle and motorcycles on the bottom. I'm...
1 week ago
Stalling out
I have a 01 road star the first time it stalled on the freeway I pulled over set for a few and it...
by Tdeon   1 week ago