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Vibration over 80 mph
Got a 2013 bought it last year, ever since I got it as soon I bit 80 mph can feel a vibration right...
by Miguelpenalver   3 hours ago

It sounds strange to me. Is it only on higher speed? Nothing wrong with one of the wheels or tires...
3 hours ago
Motorcycle camping.
In another month I'll be moving from my Intruder to my next bike the 04 Royal Star Venture Midnight...
by gasjostrom   2 weeks ago

Thanks for your offer! And you're right, I'm not the one who likes to go out camping but.... maybe...
3 hours ago
Motorcycles are a hole to throw your money in
Don't get me wrong, I love riding.  But as I read through the Service Manual and from experience,...
by USDSUQ   4 days ago

So tru Edwin
4 hours ago
Starting Help Plzzz
Ok hello y'all, I just bought my first bike three days ago. I met the guy and drove it home about...
by Bronson2   11 hours ago

2 Bronson2 No any bit of throttle kills the bike
6 hours ago
the saddle bags with leather.
the tops of the leather bags keep bursting. Any suggestions
by CyndiRoof   6 days ago

I use bees wax for all my leather gear. Here is an ebay link ....
23 hours ago
No power, bike won't turn on and circuit breaker is clicking
2001 Electra glide ultra classic with new speakers, extra tweaters and new head unit installed...
by Jacob6   1 day ago

Okay, If you get a short it causes excessive current flow to ground and trips the breaker. Try...
1 day ago
Rubber boot marks
If anyone has a melted boat mark on there exhaust use mr. Clean magic eraser it takes it off...
by gman2017   3 weeks ago

Johnny, I prefer to add it to alcohol......
2 days ago
Do you have a back rest - NEW POLL
Do you have a back rest on your bike? Tell us what you have if you have one and the good and bad...
by beachy   4 years ago

94 Maurizio2 I ride a 2008 Honda Varadero, and in the past 5yr or so i am looking to install a driver back rest...
3 days ago
The Perfect Ride
I've just put out my latest short story, check out the link for the full post, and here's a snippet...
by Dimitra   4 days ago

Thank you.
3 days ago
Happy Birthday Capt. Hope you have a great day
by AllenEllis   1 week ago

Thanks every one !! It is the 23rd and turning 65. We just got back from riding Skyline drive and...
5 days ago