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I have not been aroudn for a while but could not see the answeer to this question: If Cruser...
by Washbrook   13 hours ago

Competition Accessories is my best guess.
12 hours ago
Tour pac,k gaskets for 2004 Nomad
anyone point me in the direction to get new gaskets for the tour pack ? I cant seem to find them on...
by Divinman2   1 day ago

The pack part number is PIN634001132 Don't know the gasket part number. Pinwall Cycle Parts Inc...
17 hours ago
help with a part
Hi, Guys I need some help to see if fina drive shaft of 2000 vstar 650 fits a 2003 vstar 650.   ...
by LuisJuarez   1 day ago

Welcome to the site. 2000 - Shaft Drive Sub Assy 5FB-Y4617-00-00 2003 - Shaft Drive Sub Assy 5FB-...
1 day ago
Road trip
Hey y’all, I am in a 6 foot 240 pound rider and just bought my first bike. It’s a 2007 Yamaha Vstar...
by James60   1 week ago

88,000 is a long ride. Would be fun.
4 days ago
Vstar 650
Hey guys,just bought a beautiful VStar classic,it had been sitting a while so I emptied the tank,...
by obx109r   1 year ago

59 architect your tps is screwed up. You need to change it. TPS is located on the side of the carburetor. check...
1 week ago
unconnected hose pouring out gas
2002 VT1100C2 there is a hose comming out between the carbs runs down to bottom of bike when u...
by LeePrine   2 weeks ago

Thx Edwins
1 week ago
clutch lever problem 05 Boulvard C90
 . I had an issue with the clutch lever that became loose and not grabbing after I rode the bike (...
by Hassan007   1 month ago

4 Hassan007 thanks, I appreciated it
1 week ago
05 vStarr 1100 cobra exhaust
just purchased cobra exhaust (cobrausa) and installed on by Vstar. Sounds very nice but every time...
by Midex   3 weeks ago

i have the cobra exhaust on my 1100. DID NOT need to jet. I simply jumped up to a hotter plug and...
2 weeks ago
OEM Seat bracketry
Hello all,  New to the forum . I just bought my 2002 V-Star Custom 1100 and I need help finding...
by Howardre1967   3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Vegas Bike Show
It's Showtime!
by Edwins   2 weeks ago