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Couple wires left
ok guys sonim almost done putting my bike back togethor slowly but surely and i have a couple...
by viragobobber   2 days ago

2 viragobobber Ok so the single wire coming from the starter is white that has a braided cover over the wire and...
4 hours ago
hey guys new to the group and building bikes!ive got a 1990 yamaha virago 1100 that i just replaced...
by viragobobber   3 weeks ago

9 viragobobber Will do thank you for your help!
3 weeks ago
VStar 1100 driving me crazy new turn signal
put turn signal on red wire, black and black with strip. tring to plug into colors in headlight....
by RFSRay   1 month ago

Wire Colors in Headlight Bucket Yellow = High Beam Hot Green = Low Beam...
1 month ago
Seat compatibility
Does anybody know if the 1 piece seat off a 2002 shadow sabre is a compatible swap for the front...
by Deston   1 month ago

It's not a straight swap. Notice the differences in the frames and fenders Spirithttps://www....
1 month ago
Replacing CVK carb on 2004 Vulcan Classic
I am wanting to replace the original CVK carb that came on my bike. Paul from P.J. Motorsports told...
by Wylecoyote   1 month ago

Thank you for your post.
1 month ago
Ls650 petcock
Swapped out petcock with aftermarket. Factory had zip tie on it when I bought it. Aftermarket doesn...
by Shadow73379   1 month ago

Is this more like it?
1 month ago
Highway pegs
hello everyone  im having a hard time trying to add highway pegs to my bike without adding bars....
by Giuseppe1   1 month ago

I have ones that clamp to the frame uprights, check out my photos im sue there is a pick on of them...
1 month ago
18in Ape Hanger Cable Kit
Anyone know where I can get a cable kit for a set of 18inch hangers? Looked about everywhere.
by NickBowen   1 month ago

Edwins for one. Baron's...
1 month ago
Headlight help
Hoping someone can help me...I have a 03 kawasaki vulcan1500 meanstreak I it has the stock...
by TimCarter   2 months ago

JB weld it in place if it's a 7" round to the outer chrome ring, you'll never need to replace it.
1 month ago
97 VS1400 Front turn signal replacement
I can't seem to get the mount to spread enough to get wire connectors through. Any tips? Also if I...
by SeanG   2 months ago

2 SeanG I might clip and solder new connectors. Also I had a feeling removing mounts would involve messing...
1 month ago