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Shaft greased when changing rear tyre Yamaha 1100
Hi Mates, Just wanted to know if one needs to grease the shaft when getting a rear tyre changed. I...
by adityatandon   6 years ago

12 KirkThibodeaux Changing the rear tire on my 1100 v-star shaft drive . Looking for a shortcut or a h9 O o
4 hours ago
Front Carb coughing
2008 650 Mikuni carbs without apparent air fuel adjustment.  Float level is within range and...
by Fred2000   2 weeks ago

7 Fred113 Now have a self-diagnosis light flashing on the speedometer. 7 quick flashes. Don't have access...
15 hours ago
Self-Diagnosis Codes
Getting a 7-blink code from the yellow light in the speedometer.  I don't have access to the codes...
by Fred113   1 day ago

What year is the bike. on some models there were 2 codes only. 3 blinks is the throttle position...
1 day ago
Suzuki Intruder Impossible Battery Places
Hello Everyone. If you have a Suzuki Intruder 800, have you tried to remove the battery? Have you...
by MarioSaenz   1 year ago

under bike undo to bolts flap comes down, battery comes out,(might have to pull on it) put the...
3 days ago
Adjusting Hand cable for clutch engagement
Hi Need some advice  regarding "what is the correct distance" your clutch hand lever should travel...
by Pensioner   7 years ago

James, you just need to adjust the clutch cable. Your mechanic can do it in no time. You can do it...
4 days ago
'09 M90 Boulevard trany/shifter problem
I have trouble down shifting. If I do not down shift while slowing down, when I come to a stop I...
by arcare00   5 days ago

2 arcare00 Thanks , Dub. Sounds likely so I'll give their suggestions a try. The prob did pop up on my first...
5 days ago
unknown warning light and a no start situation
Hi guys, I recently picked up a 1998 Intruder 1500 LC, no owners manual and the service manual i...
by Taco1975   5 days ago

Thi.s the Australian Manual but should be real close.
5 days ago
cable extensions for 10 in apes
hey guys i am takiing my beach bars off of my 99 yamaha v star classic with 4 in risers. im...
by oldesoul90   6 days ago

Oil pump gears
I am looking for a VN1500
by DavidKerr67   6 days ago

New Part# 16085-1345 The...
6 days ago
REPLACING front turn signal
My left, front turn signal got corroded when some rain got into the loose housing, where can I get...
by CARLOS9   1 week ago

Have you tried to replace just the pig tail assy? Try these guys
1 week ago