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650 vstar not firing on rear cylinder???
hello I just bought a 650 that only fires on rear cyl occasionally. The carbs are great it's...
by TomLee   2 years ago

1 Dan1143 Hi there, Did you get to the bottom of this issue? Regards Dan
6 hours ago
Harley-Davidson DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 2007-2009 Revealed Part 1
Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed.Part I Written by: Biker Chad...
by BikerChad   7 years ago

42 DesperadoMCmala Motor starter hot when start. What is the problem? Road glide 2007
2 days ago
Requesting V-Star 1100 Tire Information
I have a V Star 1100 Classic which I bought last year  It has approx 20,000 km on it and although...
by Gordo0000   6 days ago

Whitewalls are easy maintenance though. A quick spray down with concentrated simple green cleaner...
2 days ago
VT1100 Shadow Spirit jet kit
I have been really doing my homework on doing the jet kit on my 02 Spirit. I will have to syncv the...
by knightdreams   7 years ago

6 George18 Hi need help with my carbs . Cant get over 75 to 80 km then it start to puffer and buff no power
3 days ago
enough bike for carrying a passenger??
this is my 2nd year riding, and feeling capable, ive started giving my wife and sister rides from...
by jdubb11   7 years ago

Hi Ash ... it’s an important issue to get right. When we overtake we all rely on that v-twin torque...
4 days ago
Steering wobble
Hi all. I just bought a used vn1700 voyager, 2011. Love the look and ride but it appears to have a...
by AntVN1700   1 week ago

Mornin all, quick update.... Got the bike up on a stand and checjed steeein bearing.... seemed ok...
5 days ago
Tank corrosion
Just took over my dads 1995 intruder 1400 only 5 k miles problem is been sitting in hes garage for...
by Hognutz   1 week ago

you can get some tank kreem to put in, it reseals the metal.
6 days ago
catalytic converters on v star 250
What year did Yamaha put these on the v star 250?
by berm347   2 weeks ago

3 berm347 someone said converters were added in 2011.
1 week ago
Inner damper rod-holding tool
Hei. Need some help. What kind of tool I should have to hold inner damper rod for front fork oil...
by Vesalama3   1 week ago

Thanks, that's simple! No need to buy any tools for that. Thanks again. Regards, Vesa
1 week ago
98 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC Electrical Problem
New to the board. Just purchased a 1998 Suzuki Intruder 1500 LC last Friday. No turn signals,...
by fredh76   1 month ago

3 Dypack Bonjour nouveau sur le groupe. J ai un vl1500 de puis peu. Mon problème est qu' elle claque entre...
1 week ago