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V star 650 final drive
Hi all Lookiin for a little feedback from those in the know. I'm new to bikes and new to this forum...
by yamahans   5 years ago

26 Nathan3 I'd also love to know if the final drive from an 1100 will fit my 650?
1 hour ago
Clicking Sound
I am suddenly experiencing a “clicking (for lack of a better word)” sound at the front, sounds like...
by TonyCantele   12 hours ago

Does it only happen when moving? If you can support the bike securely with the front wheel off the...
10 hours ago
Help with a no spark issue
So we've got a nintee 90 Suzuki intruder1400 that we're currently having no spark. We bought this...
by Agapecer   1 day ago

Please help. v-Star 1100 stalls coming out of first when stopped.
First post on here! So I purchased a 2005 v star 1100 classic with 35,xxx miles. Was well taken...
by JacobSmith   1 day ago

Put the bike in 2nd gear and try giving it push to feel the amount of resistance when you push it....
1 day ago
V Star 1100 not starting
need help any ideas are good ones to me Starter has been rebult light comes on will not turn over...
by sarichter5   7 years ago

39 Averagejoes3 I have a 2007 vstar 1100 I dropped my bike at 50 mph after being cut off. Bike fell on me on its...
1 day ago
Suzuki Intruder 1500 charging system
Just bought a secondhand Intruder VL1500. The day I collected it from the dealer, I rode it to the...
by lexgothica   3 years ago

Welcome to the site. I had kind of the same issues with my Stratoliner. I had to clean all the...
4 days ago
I have just had the shaft greased and diff oil changed because i thought it was dry as i have this...
by brock05   8 years ago

38 Peter14 Hi, my bike is not running smoothly. hard to start and has a very rough idle. When I accelerate,...
5 days ago
02 ultra classic misfiring
I bought a 02 ultra with fuel injection last fall and since then it’s been giving me fits. I have...
by ChopperKen   2 weeks ago

4 ChopperKen1 I found the ets, checked it and replaced it. Bike is running great now. Thank you
6 days ago
If anybody with any info whatever for my problem,any response would be appreciated, PLEASE!....I...
by buckvtx1300   8 years ago

19 Chantel1 It's not necessarily the stator. Make sure you keep your battery on a tender if you aren't going to...
1 week ago
Harley-Davidson DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 2007-2009 Revealed Part 1
Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed.Part I Written by: Biker Chad...
by BikerChad   8 years ago

60 roger18 i was lost without this thanks dude see u down the road
1 week ago