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Adding Electrical Accessories Calculator.
Here's a link you'll want to save. Power(watts)=...
by Edwins   15 hours ago

Thanks Edwin - saved!
5 hours ago
Check all your bolts
Interesting thing today. For the past month I have been smelling something strange on my bike. I...
by vsnetzinger   3 weeks ago

This is also why you should check your bolts.
6 days ago
Yahama V Star 1100 with oil in the air box.
I bought a 2003 V Star 1100 with about 40k miles.  The bike ran very well but back fired, mainly on...
by towertech   2 years ago

15 ChuckAdamcryk When I ride I have a thin coat of oil on th right side of my bike Fi checked all the bolts and I...
1 week ago
New guy needs help!!! 2002 1100 V-Star Classic
I need to take the front cylinder head off this bike. I can't find any manuals that explain how to...
by ZKphoto   2 weeks ago

What is wrong that you think you need to remove the head?
1 week ago
05 vtx 1300c won'tstart.
I have  A HONDA 1300C VTX 05, IT WAS  PARKED FOR ALMOST A YEAR. I HAD it on a trickle charger the...
by slochef   6 years ago

14 Ron1119 Bike was running after winter storage put fresh gas etc. this morning went to ride it turns over...
2 weeks ago
New guy lookong for help 06 vstar 1100 classic
Alright guys to be honest im a little heart broken. I bought an 06 vstar 1100 classic 3 days ago....
by Fatmike42721   4 weeks ago

Turns out i had 3 broken teeth in the ring and the pinion looked like it had veen through a wood...
2 weeks ago
Battery trouble
Left the key on like an idiot and killed the battery. Jumped it with a power box someone in the...
by MatthewGreenhal   3 weeks ago

5 Gracielou Hi Matthew, Sorry to hear that you are having battery trouble. Although your battery is two months...
2 weeks ago
Kuryakyn mid frame covers
I tried in products forum, had a lot of views but no answers so I'm hoping you can help. I have a V...
by Skeeter229   6 years ago

Thanks, I just bought some and had the same question. Even though this post is 6 years old it was...
2 weeks ago
Down shifting then holding clutch in makes bike spudder and turn o
While coming to a stop I downshift like normal and the bike will do fine until I hold the clutch in...
by RussellHayes   3 weeks ago

Really don't know. But I would make sure the idle is adjusted to 1100-1200 RPMs.
3 weeks ago
Suzuki 1500 LC speedo problems
My speedometer works and the idiot lights work but the odometer and fuel gauge are blurred out....
by RodsLC   3 weeks ago

3 RodsLC Allen I am starting to head that direction. All of the warning lights work including the low fuel....
3 weeks ago