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Shifter problems with my vstar 1100
Hi Everyone, I'm new to this blog  and this bike obviously and need some help.  I was working on...
by Brettjbro   4 days ago

another save
13 hours ago
02 yamaha Vstar 1100 classic
Have replaced the rectifier 3 times.  Keeps overheating and busting.  Any suggestions?
by RaeJohnson   15 hours ago

The regulator/rectifier sends excess current to ground which is the bikes frame. A bad ground...
15 hours ago
New to me 02 vstar 1100 jetting question?
    Ok a quick overview is I found it on a Facebook sales page for $800, it wouldn't do anything so...
by Ccctakacs   1 year ago

Not sure I used the Maxair kit. Prologue to the actual jetting process Now that you have the...
18 hours ago
Hey y'all. I'm Janis in upstate South Carolina near Clemson (but I'm from Athens, Ga). I just...
by Janis1964   1 day ago

Hi Janis...welcome from Oakville ON ... hope you're not near any flood zones! You're in good hands...
22 hours ago
Clutch won't engage
So I i just replace the clutch plates on my 96 intruder. Every bolt and part was cataloged so I...
by Anthonyrummell   1 day ago

Wont run when cold
Hay looking for some insight.  I have this awesome Honda VTX 1300 (2003) runs great if the temps...
by markPettingill   3 days ago

Do a load test on the battery. Make sure the grounds are clean. Cold makes the oil thicker which...
2 days ago
V Star 1100 classic, vacuum port?
I have a 2004 V Star 1100 Classic.  Between the two carbs there is a bracket that connects the two...
by JL1924   1 week ago

Eynstyn - ya I have noticed some subtle differences in the different years Edwin...those manuals...
4 days ago
Turn signal issues with my VSTAR 650 Classic
I ride a Yamaha Vstar 650 Classic. I  rode my bike back from North Carolina and my rear turn signal...
by dave1037   7 years ago

49 Shawn19 I have a 2000 650 v star classic and as soon as I turn the blinkers on it blows the 10 amp fuse I...
6 days ago
Perf-Form ORK
I just bought my 2006 Yamaha V Star 1100 and it has the ORK by Perf-Form.  Is the replacement...
by deoninaz   2 weeks ago

Hi Paddy ...I replaced mine with the KN 303c which I got from my local Yamaha dealer
6 days ago
Yellowing exhaust pipe on the left only
I just bought a 1995 Suzuki Intruder VS800 w 3700miles on it and after riding for a couple of days...
by demorais74   1 week ago

The carb for that side is running lean or the bike has been sitting at idle to long. If it was both...
1 week ago