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1998 1600 vs 2005 1700 valve clearances
Does anyone know how the valve clearances compare? I have an '05 1700 but a '98 1600 service manual...
by Mitchell3   2 days ago

Sorry I was wrong. 2005 roadstar Silverado midnight, not the roadstar warrior.
10 hours ago
fuel filter location
Hi guys and girls, not my main ride but bought 2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia 805cc.My problem is it...
by RobertBagwell1   1 week ago

23 hours ago
Oil in airbox
I recently got my bike back from a guy that was working on it. I took it for a short ride and...
by Halley1   1 day ago

wiring harness issue
i just bought a 1994 vs 800 intruder suzuki that has been butcher in wiring dept. need to know if...
by chickie   2 days ago

The harness has the same part # from 1994-2003. The Intruder turned into the Vlousia in 2005 when...
2 days ago
Help required with locating parts for M90 2010 model VZ1500
Hi, new to this forum as I have purchased a damaged m90 2010 model with only 3000km. Looking for...
by mykool   3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Weird exhaust sound/choke problems Help!!
I have a 2001 intruder 800 and I'm having 2 major problems with it. For one I usually have to...
by PhillipCarrillo   1 month ago

Run a little Sea-foam through the fuel system. Change the fuel filter if it has not been done in...
4 weeks ago
New problem on old bike...02 V Star 1100 Custom, popping and backfires when at low rpm/idle
Moved back to Virginia from Missouri. Bike hasn't been on the road in months but it has been...
by efierst   6 years ago

Check the fuel filter or just replace it. If it has never been changed do that first. Plunged fuel...
4 weeks ago
shift display going haywire
2013 C90T experiencing some 'missing' during shifting. Installed new plugs and air filter. when...
by Cliffowler   1 month ago

If the sensor has too much iron build up on the tip it will give a false reading. I have cleaned...
1 month ago
Tick tick
So I’m kinda new to this but I have a 2005 yamaha v star 1100 that has just started to tick. It...
by JakeBaker   1 month ago

There’s a solid chance that the emissions air line has a leak in it. It’s the chrome tube that...
1 month ago
I just returned from the Honda dealer and had a discusion with the mechanic about the best oil and...
by radbrandt   7 years ago

Just drain and change. I use synthetic in my 2014 Stratoliner and blend in the 2007. The 07 has 65...
1 month ago