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Just saying G’day
Hi I’m Bob and I have just joined so looking forward to talking to like minded.
by Stryder56   4 days ago

Howdy from Central Texas!
9 hours ago
New to the forum
Greetings All, Just joined as I am interested in getting an F6B. Thought I would tap into a group...
by Kardes   3 days ago

Welcome to the community, from W. Canada. You'll love the handling of the F6B. I had an '09...
2 days ago
New here
Just a hi from southern Ontario. We got lots of snow in the last couple of days so I need a...
by Brule   1 week ago

Welcome Brule. From Penrith, NSW Australia.
1 week ago
Hello from western Oklahoma
Just found this forum today and thought to myself "there's something missing". Then realized  it...
by BubbaBlues   2 weeks ago

Hey Hildr, you must be in the hill country. I'm from Lubbock, the land of brown skies. Moved to OK...
1 week ago
Hello, I have 91 Intruder that broke down on me a year ago that I’ve recently decided to keep...
by Czarfucious   1 week ago

The part numbers don't match so, I think it's a no go. Here's a list of models that will...
1 week ago
Guess I better say hello
Been riding bikes all my adult life--mostly Hondas (admit it, the damn things just work), but...
by Korto   2 weeks ago

I don't have much knowledge of anything, but wanted to at least say, "Howdy from Central Texas!"
1 week ago
No keyed electrical connection in fuse block
I am really lost on this bike.  My Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad had a keyed electrical connection to hook...
by Buckey1313   1 month ago

It's better you install the relay any way. This will save your ignition sw for too much amperage...
4 weeks ago
Hi everyone, I'm sway77. I have a question on my motorcycle(06 Yamaha Rd. star 1700.06 Yamaha Rd....
by Sway77   1 month ago

2 Sway77 Ok ,I’ll try that . thanks
1 month ago
01 intruder 1500 lc electrical cuts in and out.
 so i have a 2001 suzuki intruder 1500 lc . and recently i would br riding and it would start to...
by joelc1500   3 years ago

7 NathanLuck Try replacing the "turn signal relay" ; it sounds counter intuitive, but it also houses a relay...
1 month ago
New member
Hi, all.  I'm 73, At 5' 6"  and 150 lbs. I find I don't need to go to the gym any more. Now I just...
by Shvuggy   2 months ago

YOUR the man Edwin.. GOOD info.
1 month ago