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I get weird email. The beauty of...
by Edwins   1 year ago

No, car. We can’t take all the spoils for the grand daughter on the bike even with the trailer. Lol...
3 weeks ago
Alexandra 2018 trip summary
Alexandra Vic This past weekend Adam and I have been immersed in meeting with friends, old and new...
by Dimitra   3 months ago

Lol. Just looked at our mention....we were the ONLY ones from NSW.
3 weeks ago
Aussie 2017 Not The CCC Rally
Hi All.I have just spoken with the motel owners where we are planning going for 2017 Not The CCC...
by PhilCole   1 year ago

Is it too late to book?
3 months ago
RedBack Rally Feb. 12th-14th
Redback Charlton VIC. On the banks of the Avoca River, north of Charlton on the Boort Road. $15/$20...
by VixRock   8 years ago

4 MarkElliott Could someone contact me in regards to this event 0413777069 Regards Mark
9 months ago
8th Annual Wild Hogs Ride
I've added it to the Events page but for some reason it doesn't show up unless you click on Type...
by tezza   10 months ago

Thanks Allen.
10 months ago
2018 Labour Day Weekend Ride - Alexandra VIC (Australia)
Hi everyone, I've listed this under "Events" also, but here it is for all to read: You're invited...
by Dimitra   1 year ago

I really would if I could and meet with you all, Australian friends... That damned distance!!! Wish...
11 months ago
Torque numbers
Hey guys just wondering can anyone give me torque numbers for back and front wheel nuts and brake...
by Damien2   11 months ago

Val, I like free ones. lol
11 months ago
Calling My Aussie Friends....
Hey Folks,  Been a while since I was on here. I just started with a new Day Job and we have a...
by kirkhamthomas   1 year ago

Yes it is... unless New Zealand or Tasmania are continents Then I got two more beyond that.
1 year ago
For Sydney Riders Interested In The Pink Ribbon Ride
I've added it to the Events section. Anyone interested in going, communicate through events for...
by tezza   1 year ago

Thanks Al. A great day. I'll be posting a vid soon.
1 year ago
Broken Hill Rally Update
Current Discussions http://cruiser....
by beachy   2 years ago

Yes, I can confirm that Washbrook, coz53 and als1953 did go to Broken Hill via Mildura.
1 year ago