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Australian Indian Scout Price Drop
Got this in my email.
by Edwins   5 days ago

Hmm ... still a lot of money for an 1100cc cruiser. The $1400 exhaust freebie probably swings the...
2 days ago
The More Things Change.............
Hair greased back, pack of Lucky's rolled up in the sleeve of a white t-shirt, engineer boots and...
by Edwins   1 week ago

With the amount of maintenance I (don't) do, I should be getting my bobber the bits will...
4 days ago
Prices Of Indian Scouts
As some of you may know, I'm heading into my 5th midlife crisis. I've got my eye on a new Indian...
by tezza   2 weeks ago

wasn't aware that had updated it.
1 week ago
Shadow vt1100 85 mod
Hello. I have a honda shadow vt1100 85 mod. Has one problem that I need help with. When I'm pulling...
by Jonnyponny70   1 month ago

scruffy Look here also. These...
3 weeks ago
I need help. I am trying to replace the regulator on my 2001 vz800. I have the part loose on the...
by Chris70   1 month ago

Dude, don't cut wires....ever! Your regulator has a wire clip. There two wire clips, each one is...
1 month ago
Map for Powercommander 3 USB
Hi Friends does anyone have a exclusive fuel map for powercommander 3USB. I own a 2005 Vulcan 1600...
by JohnTitus   2 months ago

Thank you so much . Ill look into this.
2 months ago
Hey Randy ! A new Rebel is on its way.
by vardy   3 months ago

Yes, my Rebel is a '07 250 cc. 820 miles when I got it and now has 3200 miles in roughly 2 years...
3 months ago
Engine differences
Would like to know the differences between the 1100 motors - seems 2005 and newer have a relocated...
by DaveFerris   3 months ago

Well show us...take a picture and upload it. There are other brands such as Jardine, which I have...
3 months ago
Torn between Nomad 1500 and Road Star 1700. Love both, but...
   I'd love to hear from any and everyone who could give me some info. I am not about to buy this...
by DavidG1   3 months ago

18 Gracielou David, Don't know where you are from and if temperature (climate) is a consideration. A few things...
3 months ago
exhaust system
Hi, my name is Pawel. I tried to buy an exhaust system for my 2015 Suzuki Boulevard M90 I cannot...
by Pawel2   4 months ago

You won't find that from any of the exhaust manufactures. There will always be some thing you will...
4 months ago