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Fjr1300 vs VStar 1300 tourer
I live in Mexico and we do quite a bit of touring down here as well as going up to the US. Looking...
by KenCorbin   1 week ago

Ground Clearance FJR 1300 / A 130 mm / 5.1 in. V Star 1300...
1 week ago
Love this bike!
hey folks!  I’m new to the forum, but I’ve had my ‘07 M50 for 2 years and love it!  I’ve added...
by Revbikermoses   1 month ago

How did you get on Corey ? Did you get the risers on OK ??? Ride Safe ...
1 month ago
Australian Electric What I want to figure...
by Edwins   1 month ago

1 month ago
Roadhouse Dooleys
I have Roadhouse Dooleys on my '06 VTX1800S. It allows me to add any saddle bag knowing there is...
by nvvtx   4 years ago

Welcome To the Cruiser Customizing Community ACruet and Jim. You'll have a great time here.........
1 month ago
Fixing on a budger
I bought a 2003 intruder 1400 for 500 bucks it didn't come with a gas cap I'm finding cheap ones...
by Jackengel   1 month ago

Welcome To the Cruiser Customizing Community Jack. You'll have a great time here......Tell us about...
1 month ago
First bike
I have a 1987 virago 1100 its my first bike and still learning about it I recently purchased a...
by 87Virago   2 months ago

Welcome to the site Shiny. From Penrith, NSW Australia.
2 months ago
21 inch rim
i own a 2013 softtail slim fls. I want to got with a 16x3.5 rear rim and 21x3.5 front. Does anyone...
by Roderick2   2 months ago

What about this for starters?
2 months ago
Bright light with spots pn
I have a  2014 Harley Ultra and would like to know that when the brights are on can the spot lights...
by Monty731   7 months ago

3 JeffStriebel Nice looking page
2 months ago
Torn between Nomad 1500 and Road Star 1700. Love both, but...
   I'd love to hear from any and everyone who could give me some info. I am not about to buy this...
by DavidG1   1 year ago

19 larry25 got a 2012 1700 nomad, great bike been on motorcycles since 1969 had 14 bikes in all 1975 cb 750...
3 months ago
Livewire goes live.
Electrifying news from Harley.
by Edwins   3 months ago

Quite, it is not.
3 months ago