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VL1500 vs VL1500B
Hi,  Could someone please tell me what the difference between the VL1500 vs VL1500B models?  Can't...
by RidgeWoods   9 hours ago

Take a look at this site you may find what your looking for. It is a parts out fit but it may have...
3 hours ago
Motor revs up but my bike takes off slowly.
Ok guys I need help. In neutral and every other gear my motor revs up and sounds fine. My take off...
by Electric1   4 days ago

Thanks for the advice. I will be doing the work this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes....
2 days ago
Thinking about trading my 2001 Shadow 750 ACE with 44k for a 2000 Suzuki Intruder 1500 with 50k no...
by Bubblehead84   2 weeks ago

1 week ago
Triumph Test Rides
Need something to do?
by Edwins   3 weeks ago

Wiring Harness
Hello I just recently acquired a 1998 Intruder VL1500 LC. I am needing to replace the wiring...
by Clope27   1 month ago

2 Clope27 Thank you so much!!
1 month ago
1993 wide glide
How do I know if my 93 wide glide is an anniversary edition? It's solid black with red pinstripe.
by John181   1 month ago

5 John181 Thank you
1 month ago
Front fairing
Will the corbin front fairing kit from a suzuki 109 fit on the m90
by Mario3   1 month ago

I can't say for sure without having both bikes or the fairing and m90 in front of me, You would...
1 month ago
How many miles can you go on reserve tank?
Hi guys. I have XV1100 Virago 1989. Does anyone know approx how many miles you can go once you...
by FrankPrice   2 months ago

Welcome to the site Frank, I would be doing my own testing if I were you only because riding style...
1 month ago
Fuell by Buell
Like it or not, electric bikes are upon us. Serious progress is being made. Having a couple of...
by Edwins   2 months ago

I'm with Peter... They just found the biggest oil reserve ever in TEXAS..
2 months ago
Passenger Cup holder
 I have a 2003 ultra glide classic, would like recommendations on a passenger cup holder using the...
by Nowhatimean   4 months ago

Kuryakyn makes several styles with several mounting types.
3 months ago